How to Take a Compliment from a Fake or Jealous Person

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Compliments are nice, but what if they come from a jealous or fake person? In this case, you need to know how to take such a compliment without being mean. Being told that you are beautiful or intelligent feels good. I know it’s nice for me. There comes a time, however, when compliments start to seem like backhanded comments. This is because these “compliments” aren’t nice words at all – they are carefully crafted insults. They come from fake people, and there are ways to

7 Things That Separate True Friends from Fake Ones

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Have you ever wondered if the people you surround yourself with are your true friends? Here are some things to help you know for sure. When we are younger we believe the more friends we have, the more popular we look and ultimately the happier we will be. But as we get older, start working and have busier lives, we realize that actually what is more important is the quality of the friends we have. Below are qualities you will notice if you have true

4 Signs You Are Dealing With a Hypocrite

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It’s easy for us to brush things under the rug when a friend or colleague says something hypocritical. Often it’s something not important and it’s easier to ignore it than bring it up. But it’s important to be able to identify when someone is being a hypocrite. Whether that’s to point it out to them or to walk away entirely. Below are some key indicators that should help show up a hypocrite, what you do next is up to you. 1. They will always win.

How to Spot Fake Nice People in Your Life – 5 Signs to Look for

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Often, toxic persons fake themselves to seem like they are nice people. But they really aren't. Friendships are probably the most important relationships in our lives, especially if we have good solid friends. But sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a nice and a fake person. Use this guide to sift through who the truly nice people are and remove yourself from the fake ones. 1. Genuinely nice people will support your actions. A nice person will support and encourage you in any