If you are the child of overprotective parents, you know that it can be really complicated to do things that your friends take for granted.

You can’t just casually tell your parents what you’re going to do as you’re walking out the door! If these ten things sound familiar to you, you are undoubtedly a child of overprotective parents.

1. It’s just easier not to tell them you’re dating.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes! Will your parents ever know? Definitely not! Even if your parents did allow you to date, there would be so many rules and regulations. Your dates would probably be strictly chaperoned, good luck getting a kiss in then!

2. Slumber parties are a big freakin deal for your parents.

Even when you want to have innocent fun with your close friends whom your parents approve of…it involves a lot of begging after eight o’clock! Your parents prefer to have you sleep at home and don’t really love the care-free attitude of your friend’s parents.

The worst part is when your friends just don’t understand why you can’t come.

3. All the preparation and information needed to hang out with friends.

When your overprotective parents finally do let you hang out with your friends they need to be given every detail possible. It gets embarrassing asking your friends for addresses, phone numbers, time estimates and more so that you can relay it back to your parents.

4. Always being out of the loop with TV shows and movies.

Obviously, you can’t watch anything R-rated, even on a laptop…under the covers…at a friend’s house. Your parents would find out somehow, no doubt about it! When your friend’s talk about movies and TV shows it’s so hard to join the conversation because you haven’t seen anything they have.

5. Hiding CDs, magazines and other cultural paraphernalia.

From music with questionable lyrics to magazines daring to show skirts above the knee, you can’t leave your stuff laying around. You must always cover your tracks and make sure anything slightly risqué is carefully tucked away.

6. Overprotective Means No Privacy!

Your parents have GPS on your phone because they always need to know where you are. You can hear them listening outside your door when you are talking on the phone and still they will intrude after to ask who you were talking to and what about.

Whether you have something to hide or not, it’s no fun when your parents won’t grant you any privacy.

7. You can only bring over certain friends.

The list of friends whom you parents actually approve of is very short, if existent at all. Whenever your friends hang out in a group, it surely can’t be at your house. It’s hard to tell your friends that they are not welcome at your place because of their clothing, piercings or any other arbitrary factors.

8. Spring break? Haha, yeah, right.

Whether it’s spring break or a weekend camping trip with some friends from school, your parents are unlikely to let you go. It’s not that they don’t trust your judgment, it’s that they don’t trust the other people or the place.

9. Learning about everything late.

From swear words to sex, your parents have made sure to keep you in the dark for as long as possible. You always find yourself learning about these things way after your friends. The “birds and the bees” unit in your health class may have been more shocking to you compared to your peers.

10. Parents being unnecessarily afraid of things, due to exaggerations.

If there is anything remotely bad for you, your parents won’t only tell you to stay away. They will go above and beyond exaggerating to scare you. They will tell you that things like alcohol are products of the devil and if you drink even a sip you will become violently ill.

Eventually, you will learn through experience that some of these things are really okay in moderation and wonder what else they exaggerated about.

Are these ten things a regular part of your life?

Though your parents are just doing their best to make sure you are safe, it can be pretty tiring to put up with constant overprotection. If you are living in these conditions currently, hang in there. As you get older you will gain more responsibility which will likely come with more freedom.


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  1. Immortal

    oh my gosh i never knew my mom was overprotective 0_0

  2. Lonely Kid

    Highly relatable 🙁

  3. introvert

    its also make us a introvert day by day and losing interest basically in everything

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