Cures for advanced cancer have been shown to be potentially more harmful to health than cancer itself, with some of the long-term effects of invasive treatments being very serious.

The danger of undertaking chemotherapy and radiation is both frightening and stressful for patients with the life-threatening disease, but recent scientific research has shown that grape seed extract may be the answer to slowing the growth of cancer cells.

The natural treatment is reportedly very effective on patients who have resisted the traditional therapies already and has been shown to be most beneficial to advanced cancer patients.

While traditional methods are still vital to patient care, there is little evidence to show that the harmful procedures most patients undertake are able to slow or stop the progression of cancer cells. In fact, a study in 2003 revealed that this chemotherapy is only effective 2.3% of the time in Australia and 2.1% in the USA, meaning it is ineffective 97% of the time.

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But despite these findings, doctors and the mainstream medical community still recommend the traditional treatments as the best option for cancer patients. By treating cancer patients with grape seed extract, there are NO harmful side effects whatsoever.

Obviously, grape seed extract alone shouldn’t be the only way to treat cancer. It is just one of the alternative powerful and natural ways to help in the treatment of cancer cells. A thorough and comprehensive treatment program should be assigned to the patient, including addressing other physical, mental, and dental problems, as well as any infections of anger issues.

In the 2012 journal, Cancer Letters, an article revealed the effectiveness of grape seed extract against colorectal cancer, as well as its effectiveness in patients with advanced stages of cancer. It has been proven that the bioactive compounds found in grape seed extract can be used to target specific types of cancer cells, particularly when these cells have been resisting conventional therapies.

A study published in the Carcinogenesis journal found that the grape seed extract killed neck and head squamous cell carcinoma cells, a malignity that occurs in 6% of cancer patients in the US.  And did this without harming nearby cells, creating an “environment unfavorable to cancer cell growth”.

While another study in Nutrition and Cancer published in 2013 revealed that grape seed extract (B2G2) was effective in targeting prostate cancer cells, without harming other cells. It is believed that grape seed extract is also uniquely able to target multiple cancer mutations, unlike chemotherapy.

It is these mutations that make cancer so resistant to treatments like chemotherapy. Despite studies are continuing to be published, medical establishments are still unwilling to share this information with their patients.

It seems mostly because this approach would threaten their jobs, however, there are bigger things at stake here, and there will not be a need for a highly skilled doctor in our society.

For now, the knowledge is out there, patients can use grape seed extract without any harmful side effects and achieve results. Even if doctors are not yet prescribing the natural treatment in their surgeries.

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