Life is no fun when too much pressure is built up in your sinuses. You feel tired, less productive and often some pain. There are numerous ways to relieve sinus pressure, some involving medication and others involving complex processes like acupuncture.

However, if your case is not too serious, there are some easy, and even fun, natural methods to try.

Here are the four most fun ways to relieve sinus pressure and clear your sinuses naturally:

1. Go To The Spa

Nothing is more fun than indulging in a spa day. Spending time in the steam room will help to thin out your mucus, making it easier to clear out your nasal passages after. It’s also been said that alternating between hot and cold compresses on your face can help loosen these nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure.

If you are at a bath-house-style spa, the same could be done with hot and cold baths. If you are finding yourself low on cash, or low on the motivation needed to leave the house, don’t worry!

You can do most of these things at home as well. Try leaning over a pot of boiling water and breathing in the steam. Follow this activity with a relaxing bubble bath.

2. Eat Spicy Food

This activity may not be suited for everyone, however, if you already love spicy food, it’s a great way to enjoy yourself while clearing your sinuses. Make a night out of it! Invite your friends over and have a spicy cooking fiesta.

Look up recipes inspired by Mexican dishes and Indian treats or just create something of your own…with a lot of hot sauce. The ingredients found in chili peppers are known for clearing nasal passages as well as relieving pain. Capsaicin, which is extracted from chili peppers, is even found in pain relievers such as Tylenol.

3. Hum Along To Your Favorite Music

Believe it or not, a simple activity like humming can actually help relieve sinus pressure. When you hum, you increase your airflow which can begin to loosen some of the mucus you have built up.

Put on your favorite album and hum along while laying in a comfortable spot. Elevate your head with some pillows for optimum clearing potential.

4. Exercise to relieve sinus pressure in 1 minute

If none of the above seem to do the trick, there is also a more practical exercise to try. This exercise involves adding pressure to muscles and bones located in your neck and face, with your fingers.

First, make sure that you are sitting so that your head and body are at a forty-five-degree angle. Next, turn your head sideways to find your sternocleidomastoid muscle which runs between your ear and collarbone. Once you find this muscle, rub it downward on each side of your neck four to five times.

Next, concentrate on the nasal area. You want to start at the upper sides of your nose and locate the hard bony part. Then, with pressure from your fingers move down towards the soft sides of your nose where the bone ends.

Massage this area in a circular motion for twenty seconds. Also, make sure to rub the area of your face from the sides of your nose to your cheekbones.

Finally, run your fingers inside the orbit bone above your eyes until you find a notch called the Supraorbital Notch. You’ll find this just above the center of the eye. Massage this area in a circular motion for twenty seconds as well. End the exercise by rubbing your forehead from the center to the sides or temples.

You are sure to feel better in no time.


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