We’re all out there trying to find Mr or Mrs. Right. But, when it comes to whether two people are compatible with each other in a relationship, are there other forces at work? If you are still looking out for your ideal partner, it might be worth considering these three predictors of relationship compatibility.

1. Relationship Compatibility Stinks

There are bio scientific studies that show that up to 40% of physical attraction is determined by your genes. According to the biotechnology company, Instant Chemistry, the reason we feel the “spark” with someone is that of different genetic make-up.

The “opposites” attract theory is born out of those who are different genetically. They are more likely to be longer-term partners!

Some say love is blind – and they might be right. The GenePartner project(2003) was born out of a study by two professors at a Swiss University. This involved female participants sniffing the t-shirt of male participants and rating them for attractiveness.

The professors then measured from a particular part of the female DNA that looked for molecules called HLA. The study revealed women preferred the t-shirts of men who had HLA molecules different from their own. It would also appear that sensing and classifying HLA is done subconsciously.

A team of biologists from the Czech Republic also found the smelly side of relationship compatibility. It seems human odor preferences have been programmed into us and we can tell a lot from a person’s sweat.

We are evolutionarily inclined to be sensitive to such things as a reproductive state, but also their gender and overall health. All of this just from the smell of someone’s sweat! According to the Czech biologists, those who ate garlic were considered to be more attractive to others. Ironically, garlic also happens to be full of anti-oxidants!

So, when it comes to compatibility in the relationship with your significant other, I guess you could try sniffing them. But, it is more likely that the “vibe” you feel from meeting someone for the first time is because of your genes. If you don’t get the spark, chances are you are just not compatible.

2. Relationship Red Flags

Why are love hearts red? There’s lots of research out there to show why we humans associate colors with lots of things. When it comes to psychological compatibility in relationships, there are a few good reasons why you might want to consider the colors you wear on your first date.

Psychologists, Elliot et al. (2010), discovered that the colour red enhances a man’s attractiveness to women. In Elliot’s study, the first impressions of others revealed men who were associated with the color red were deemed most attractive.

This was repeated with an alternative color in place of the red. The results showed the color did not affect the attractiveness rating.

Men who choose to wear red on the first date could appear more attractive. It could also have other effects on physical responses. Eliott et al concluded the color red can also increase heart rate and a heightened sense of smell.

Oddly enough, no one really knows why the color red is so often associated with love and passion. There are loads of examples – think “red hot” the “red light district” or “red roses”.

Some scientists think this link just exists from facial blushing or strong blood flow, but the exact reason is unclear. Still, if you want to increase your chances, better dig out that redshirt for your date!

3. It’s How You Say It

Some scientists think that relationship compatibility is all in the words we use. Apparently, those who use the same function words when speaking are more likely to make a good match. A study by Texas Tech University shows that noticeable similarity with a date can easily be achieved through conversation.

During research into speed dating, couples’ odds of going on a second date were enhanced with the function word similarity. In fact, it was this which proved to be more likely to keep couples together up to three months after their first speed date.

Voice pitch is key in relationship compatibility. Research by the University College London showed that men preferred higher-pitched female voices because they associated them with smaller body size. The University of Utah also found this during their study of 100 married couples.

It seems that the pitch and intensity of voice revealed a correlation with the longevity of a relationship. In fact, it seemed to correctly predict whether couples would remain together after five years 74.1% of the time.

Finally, ladies, there is a way to find out if a man is attracted to you! According to a study by Stirling University, men are more likely to use a variety of pitches, or “sing-song” voice when they’re chatting to someone they like. They are also more likely to use a deeper voice when speaking to an attractive woman, as apparently, this makes them sound more masculine.

Rules of attraction are complex and when it comes to compatibility, you may not find an exact science to predict if your relationship will work. Hopefully, a good color choice and some garlic could set you well on your way. 🙂


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