Sometimes moving forward in life is necessary, and some quotes remind us of that. When we learn to let things go, we learn to truly live.

Of all the things we think that matter in life, learning how to let go of the past is one of the most important. We listen to self-help tapes, and we receive support from friends, but even this cannot always remove those haunted feelings. The only thing that works for some people is to read quotes about moving forward in life.

Reading these things helps us put our lives into perspective.

Inspirational quotes about moving forward in life

There are many deep quotes about life and moving forward, and you just got to understand what they mean pertaining to your personal story. Are you free from old pains? Do you feel confident about change? These are questions that can be answered by some of the best inspirational quotes.

Let’s take a look.

1. “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward finding the answer.”

~ Denis Waitley

It can be easy to stay trapped in the residuals of yesterday. The patterns that form from negative or positive situations can entrap us equally. This is wrong and it’s a cycle which prevents us from making progress in the present and future.

We must break free from this cycle and use our strengths to find answers to any questions we may have.

2. “Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”

~ Hermann Hess

Do not misunderstand about what makes you a strong person. Holding on and refusing to give up does make us strong people, but so does decide to let things go.

The strength lies in the ability to know how to tell the difference. Your discerning ability will show you when letting go is more important than trying to retain something that is already dead.

3. “I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.”

~ Jeffrey McDaniel

We can learn so much from nature. We can learn how to be innocent, enduring, and we can also learn how to move on. Look at the trees, for instance. Every year, they grow new leaves, nourish them and then when winter comes, they let these leave die away. It’s a cycle, but a healthy one this time.

Trees show us how to let go of things, even if they are things that have been with us a long time or once beautiful and vibrant things that have changed. We learn that not everything is forever…no matter how much we want it to be.

4. “You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”

~ Conrad Hall

Remember when you were a child and you wanted so badly to become an adult? One reason we feel this way is because we think adulthood holds all the answers. Oh, why did we ever want to become full of answers and no more questions? This just seems insane now. It’s much the same way with students and teachers.

The wisest person wants to remain a student and never be a teacher. As long as you are a student, you will keep learning. You are then less likely to be trapped in the past or stuck on a plateau.

5. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.”

~ Lao Tzu

Letting go may seem like such a horrible thing to do in certain situations, but it’s not always so bad. If you look at letting go in a different way, you will see the beauty. You will never be what you aspire to be if you stay the same.

You will never achieve things if you refuse to give up the things which hold you down. Take that bit of information, place in it your mouth and savor the taste. Maybe then will you see the magnificence of change.

6. “Every exit is an entry somewhere.”

~ Tom Stoppard

No, it’s not easy leaving a chapter of your life, but it’s always an adventure. Think of what this means. When we walk through a door which signifies the end of something huge, we walk onto the setting of something else – it’s a new story and a new beginning.

If you can see a change in this way, you can endure the pains of losing things you thought would last forever.

7. “You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.”

~ Mandy Hale

No matter how much you think you love someone, it might be time to let them go. Some people are only in your life for a short time They teach you things, but most importantly, you evolve, you transform beyond your need for their influence.

It’s not that you do not love them, you’ve just entered a new arena of your life. You have to move on.

Quotes like these can make you stronger

If you’re stuck in the past and feeling hopeless, then try a new perspective. These quotes can help you see things in a different manner when it comes to moving forward in life. Remember, it’s not about what you’ve been through, rather, what you hope to achieve in times to come.

I wish you well on your life’s journey. 😊


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