Picnics have long been enjoyed as a popular summer pastime.

With the warmer weather approaching, days getting longer and the hope of summer on the horizon, it’s time to start planning a wealth of ways to enjoy the sunshine. Picnics are a great activity you can enjoy with friends or family and are a particularly fun leisure experience for the kids.

In a recent poll, it was noted that the most popular alfresco locations for picnics were city parks and the countryside, followed closely by beaches. The word picnic, or ‘pique-nique’, was thought to be invented by the French, combining the words piquer, “to pick at food”, and nique referring to something small.

Although the picnic has its origins in medieval hunting feasts, which consisted of meats and pastries, it was popularized by the Victorians with the idea of garden parties which grew into the image that we associate as a picnic today.

References to picnics can be found in the works of writers such as Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

In order to create the perfect picnic, preparation is the key.

A recent infographic, created by Swissotel Hotel & Resorts, is a wonderful reference in the run-up to summer, providing some fun, easy and creative ideas for personalizing your picnic experience.

With unique suggestions ranging from the multiple uses of cupcake cases to numerous recipes for homemade insect repellent, there are sure to be a few solid takeaways for even the most experienced of alfresco diners.

There’s even a handy step-by-step diagram for building your own homemade barbecue from a terracotta pot and another for crafting a personal cutlery holder.

So whether it’s knowing the best foods hacks or the precise way to pack your hamper, check out this infographic to learn some essential tips and tricks for optimizing your ultimate picnic experience.

Picnics Hacks Infographic - 1

Picnics Hacks Infographic - 2

Picnics Hacks Infographic - 3

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  1. Jan Stevenson

    If you want to have fun in the winter, make sure that it’s not actively storming, put on your long johns (appropriate outer wear is a good idea, as well) and take a water resistant tarp- have yourself some hot chocolate and warm sandwiches in the park. That’s also how you have fun summer picnics in places that have year round snow pack.

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