Colon cancer may be more prevalent in the population than you realise.

Did you know that it’s the third most common cancer for both men and women and the second most likely cancer to cause death in the USA? Half of the patients that are diagnosed with colon cancer officially die from cancer and the other 30% are unaccounted for.

In 2011, the death toll for colon cancer reached 70%. Some of the methods for curing patients with colon cancer include surgery, which usually involves the removal of the colon and leaves patients wearing an external colostomy bag for the rest of their lives.

Others may be treated with chemotherapy, which can be hit and miss in its outcome and cause patients greater discomfort and symptoms than before the treatment.

However, while these mainstream medicine treatments are more wildly accepted as helping and can work for some patients, other natural cancer clinics and practitioners have been discovering natural remedies and therapies for cancer. And Chris Wark was one of them. His website ChrisBeatCancer.comexplains how he managed to beat cancer using only natural treatments and remedies.

He rejected traditional chemotherapy after feeling the treatment was only putting more poison into his body and couldn’t accept that this would cure his condition. After speaking to a naturopathic doctor, Chris began a curative natural diet and beat his cancer.

Colon Cancer Stages

Another case is John Tanzi, who a few days before his 70th birthday was suffering from a much later stage of colon cancer, stage IV in fact.

He had been given just two to six months to live if he chose not to undertake the chemotherapy he was being offered. He decided not to undergo the traditional treatment after having seen other sufferers see out their last days in pain while on chemotherapy, reducing their quality of life significantly.

He instead decided to research other options, how could he live out his final months feeling better rather than much worse?

And it worked. After consulting a natural doctor, he was instructed to change his diet to exclude all meats, refined sugar and dairy. This is known as the “Cancer Diet.

Next, after he began to feel better, he found a capsuled gel form of the original four-herb Essiac tea (please be aware that not all of these gels sold online are legitimate, ensure you check reviews and reports before purchasing). He combined the tea gel capsules with beta-1,3-glucan gel caps (take one for every 50 pounds of weight) and took them daily as instructed.

Beta-glucans have been reported to work as an immunoadjuvant therapy for cancer, mostly in Japan, and can naturally be found in shiitake mushrooms in the form of lentinan. Lentinan is an anti-cancer superfood that is believed to reduce tumor activity and lessen the symptoms of cancer.

This is just one example of a natural remedy and treatment program that worked for one cancer patient. However, John recommends that everyone should choose their own holistic and natural remedies according to their experience and health.

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