These old-school life hacks and tips can be good reminders in extreme situations and save your life.

You might wonder how life was without electricity or technology or even the internet.

How did people discover stuff without the help of sites such as Google and Wikipedia? Even before electricity was discovered or the first computer was built, people found a way to learn life lessons that helped them get through each day with ease.

The old people in the society definitely had a lot of knowledge that they passed down to the young generation.

The most widespread method that would reach many people was in written form. One cigarette company by the name “Gallagher Cigarettes” would teach people on how to handle accidents through “How-To” cards on their cigarette packs.

Well, we have rolled back the years as we compile the most compelling life hacks and tips from some of those coveted cards used back then. Take note, you might learn a thing or two:

1. Extinguishing fire

You will need one pound of salt, half a pound of sal ammoniac and water. Dissolve the salt and the sal ammoniac in the water. Put the mixture in a glass bottle and set aside in case of an emergency fire outbreak.

2. Extracting a Splinter

Should a splinter ever get into your arm, here is an easy way of getting rid of it. Get a wide-mouthed bottle and fill it almost full with hot water. Firmly press the area with the splinter against the mouth of the bottle and let it sit for a while.

You should be able to extract it with ease with the help of the suction pressure from the bottle.

3. Preserving eggs

Pick up newly laid eggs and put them into a box with dry salt. Keep them in a cool dry place where no air can seep into the container.

4. Stopping a mad dog

If a dog ever attacks you, you can use a stick as a barrier between you and it. A dog will try to bite you first so with the stick, it will bite into the stick first. Then you can pounce with a kick!

5. Keeping plants replenished all the time

Fill water into a large bucket placed it on a surface that’s higher than the plants’ surface. Twist strands of wool together and immerse one end into the bucket and the other end into the soil. Remember to use different strands for each plant.

6. Lighting a matchstick in a windy situation

Lighting a matchstick in a windy place can be hectic but you can overcome this by cutting some thin shavings on the matchstick- towards the striking end. This will make the match light easier and faster in a windy area.

7. Homemade water-filter

In a clean zinc water pail with a hole at the bottom, add sand with different textures arranged in the following order from the bottom to the top: large stones, small stones, coarse sand, and fine sand.

The water will be cleaned up as it passes through the layers of sand. So you just have to drill an outlet at the lower part of the container to get clean water.

8. Rescuing an electrocuted person

You will need to protect your hands with rubber gloves or any thick coat or any thick insulator. Then you can rescue the person while standing on glass or dry wood. Ensure that the electric current is turned off if you plus you have to rush the victim to the hospital, fast!

As they say, old is gold and these life hacks and tips prove this. You never know, someday you may need to pull some of these tricks off the old cards!

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