Would you believe me if I told you that a nerdy guy could be the ideal person to make a relationship? We have all been through the anguish of the dazzling Zac Efron lookalikes, who know exactly how to push our buttons and break our hearts.

After my fourth or fifth bout of heartache, I decided it was time to take my mother’s advice and look for ‘a nice boy’. This is when I found the hidden gem of the nerdy guy that most would label as “The Geek”.

You may not initially think to go for a nerdy guy, but he will probably be one of the best relationships you’ve ever had, and here’s why.

1. They’re Passionate

Geeks are some of the most passionate people out there. They are so in love with the things that make them a Geek, you can be safe in the knowledge that they are going to be passionate about you, and treat you like a queen. Especially if they love Game of Thrones!

2. They Love To Learn

They will be so passionate about you; they will strive to learn more and more about you. They revel in becoming an expert in the things that they love and, if they love you, they will make an effort to know everything about you. Anything that you’re interested in, they will make the effort to be interested in and learn more about just to make you feel important.

3. They Can Make You Smarter

This effort to learn can also make you smarter. Geeks are so full of knowledge that they will love to share with you if you want to listen. They can open up your mind to a whole host of information that your Zac Efron lookalike wouldn’t have had a clue about, and they will always have something interesting to say.

4. Looks Aren’t Everything

You can be totally yourself with a nerdy guy. Geeks aren’t the most up to date on fashion trends or makeup tips, and they definitely won’t care if you have messy hair and want to spend the day in your pajamas. They will love and appreciate you at your best, just as much as at your worst.

5. They’ll Take You On The Best Dates

They will take you on the most alternative and unexpected dates. They know things about the area that won’t be common knowledge and can show you places that you may not have ever heard of. They know how to have fun in alternative ways to your typical date, and this can make it even more enjoyable.

6. Company Is Never An Issue

There will be absolutely no reason to worry about the people he hangs around with. Geeks don’t typically date much and they will be excited to show you off to their friends and family. Other girls won’t even get a look into your Geek as they would with the Zac Efron lookalike, his attention will be totally on you.

7. They’re On The Road To Success

Geeks are so hardworking that they are bound to be successful later in life. Between their tech-savviness and their intelligence, Geeks are on the road to being the most successful entrepreneurs in their markets.

So, I hope that I have convinced you to step out of your comfort zone and take my mother’s advice. Geeks are a diamond in the rough of boyfriends, and if you take the time to date one, you will definitely find yourself a nice boy.

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