Kind-hearted people are magnets for toxic ones. There are reasons why bad people are drawn to those who try to live a moral life.

I used to be kind-hearted, going out of my way to help others, forgiving easily and loving hard.

But I’m re-evaluating my standpoint. Maybe it’s time I brought the hammer down on toxic people! They have all but made me feel like I’m losing my mind. I am torn between low and high self-esteem because of the pulling and tugging of their manipulative forces. God, I hate shitty people.

Are they toxic or just your run-of-the-mill BAD person?

So, I guess toxic has its own definition, but I find that most of the negative people that are drawn to me, tend to fit the toxic definition. No matter what category they technically fit into, they both love to take advantage of kind-hearted people.

They lie, steal and cheat good moral men and women while pretending that nothing ever happened. They are greedy, manipulative and cruel. There is nothing they won’t do to make a fast buck or win more followers. It’s sickening.

Curious about why kind-hearted people attract such villains? There are a few reasons. But wait! I’m not going to tell you in a way that you can take control over the situation. Let me advise you of what you can do to avoid such nonsense and start a healthy habit of taking out the trash.

Your tolerance is too high.

Kind-hearted people tend to tolerate rude and obnoxious people, in hopes that these people will see the light and change. I’ve had friends, lovers, and family members who all fit this bill. I struggled constantly to see the good side of some dark personalities.

Believe it or not, this very act of kindness got me deeper into their manipulative games. I was trapped, and so, I became a victim through my tolerance. Unfortunately, when tolerating certain behaviors, you may not realize you’re trapped until you’re so involved that it’s almost impossible to get out.

You seek companionship when vulnerable.

Do not, I repeat, do not seek new friendships when you feel vulnerable. It’s just not the best time to accentuate your life with new people. First off, your judgment will be off due to whatever made your vulnerable, whether it was a breakup, death or loss of a job – it doesn’t matter what happened, because either way, it leaves you vulnerable.

Bad people gravitate toward weak people because it’s easier to con them. It’s so much easier to steal from someone who is suffering because their mind is not in tip top shape.

They are presently,unable to take charge and fortify their minds – they are also not paying full attention to their surroundings. It’s a low thing to do, but toxic individuals will rush in, while you are unaware, and victimize your life.

You are too open about your life.

When you have a good heart, you want to share things with people. I don’t mean share possessions, I mean sharing details about your life. As any other human being, you will have problems and events that have an impact on your life, and this will make you want to tell someone.

You can’t tell everyone your business. Some people don’t listen for your benefit, they listen to have gossip to spread. They also listen to acquire information to use against you. Be careful who you vent to, this could be dangerous in more ways than one.

You accept inconsistencies.

Words don’t always match actions, as most of us human beings know by now, and this is why inconsistencies happen. When it comes to negative people, their words often say good things and their actions rarely follow through.

Kind-hearted people are so trusting that they believe words before they see the actions. When this happens, they set themselves up for failure.

Do your friends say they care, but yet act like they don’t? Does your family disrespect you in front of others and then brag about your tight-knit bond as a unit? If this happens to you, then you understand a prime example of why toxic people are drawn to good ones.

If you trust a bad person, their actions will continue to oppose their kind words – and unfortunately, you will keep believing.

Feeling used yet? If so, then do something about it! Toughen up!

It’s time to get a grip on your life, strengthen your reserves and evaluate your acquaintances. There are ways to keep the toxic people at bay. If you are a kind-hearted person, then it’s time you gave your unadulterated love to only a select few. I’m not saying be unkind, I just want you to create better boundaries in your life.

Put up the wall, just leave a small door for the ones who treat your right. It’s just smart thinking, my dear.

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  1. Lynnie Hendricks

    Problem is, I usually can’t tell people are toxic until they’re out of my life. It’s really easy to see that the person I hung out with last year was just using me; it’s much, MUCH harder to see it when it’s happening right now right here. Hindsight: 20/20. Present sight: 20/200.

    1. Toxic behavior is sometimes sutle. You can be convinced that you are the problem and even apologize for their bad behavior. It is unfortunate that so many good people suffer from this manipulative treatment.

  2. Jason Martin

    Just dismiss the toxic as you would a errant little child who doesn’t know better. Never stoop to their level or you then become them and you’ve undone your blessings. Blessings come to the moral ones because God is watching you😊 and when God is watching so is Satan and he attacks us even more. If you don’t believe in God this makes no sense but I have given you the key to the shackles of sin.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support. I have learned so much in the last few decades about how and why people do this.

  3. Leah Cushnie

    Just ignore negative people and thinking and be and think positive.

    1. This is a little harder than it seems, but I thank you so much for your support and positive words. 🙂

  4. Heather Louise McEntire

    wow great article this is totally me and the solution is simple thank u.

  5. Thank you for the comment and I hope you find all the answers within. <3

  6. Edward Starr

    I know exactly what you mean it happened to me a lot

  7. Patricia O

    Thank you. This helps me with the way I had decided it was. I am on the right path.

  8. Bartolo

    Thank you Sharrie, you had very interesting points.

  9. Sandra

    Thankyou for your words. I am empathic and was used and abused to say the least by a narcissist. I was foolish to believe his kind words etc, then he turned cruel and manipulative towards me. Then just discarded me like a piece of dirt thrown in the bin !
    As an empath, we are so giving to others that when we get hurt like this, it’s so painful. But one thing I learnt from this horrible experience, was never to let anyone control me again and not to be so available and agreeable to anyone again. Might sound a bit harsh, but I am now thinking about myself a bit more than i used to. Thanks once again for this site and your words of wisdom.

  10. Shirley

    Love this!! ‘It’s totally me and I really needed to read this and know I wasn’t alone is being kind-hearted an attracting toxic people and letting Toxic people make me question my self worth!!!
    I refuse to let Toxic people steal my joy in life or define me must-less use my kindness for weakness.

  11. April S.

    Sin is a religious marketing scheme designed by toxic people who want to control others.

  12. Sofia Sylvia Logotheti

    This is part of marriage. Mostly women have to accept toxic husbands who controls them,just because they are the money earners. It is known,that those men are never satisfied” there isnt enough salt in the food,or its cold or to warm etc.” ” you look ugly,why you dont take care of yourself” or” I am.not going out with you in this outfit” etc…Always judging and misjudging…to his wife and 2-3 kids…
    Sofia Sylvia Logotheti Psychologist Psychoanalyst

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