Do you have an inventive and creative mind? Bring your fantasies to life. One of these invention ideas may make a difference to the world in the years to come.

If you have a talent for inventing, use it. Life Advancer shows you the way. We share our take on what makes inventions brilliant and introduce you to a few creations that may shape the future.

How to Be an Inventor Who Will Bring Change in the World

Do you have a mind to create and innovate? Coming up with plausible, breakthrough invention ideas takes tremendous effort. It helps to know what makes an invention stand out before you start.

  1. Have passion. First of all, believe in yourself, and your creation. Your invention ideas should come from your personal experiences and beliefs. You can’t develop devices that don’t excite you.
  2. Deliver bang for the buck. Also, your invention should bring value to others. It could come from its excellent functionality or a link to a well-known brand.
  3. Consider usability. People won’t be interested in inventions that are of no use to them. Your invention should enhance the convenience of others.
  4. Simplicity. Another point to bear in mind when developing an invention is to keep it simple. It’ll draw more people to use it.
  5. Beware of unknown pitfalls. Finally, every innovation comes with pitfalls. Make sure that you do your research and put aside money for unexpected costs.

How to bring your ideas to fruition

There could be a problem in the world that needs solving. One of your ideas could become an invention that would provide a solution. Here’s how to bring it to fruition.

  • Step 1: Brainstorm. First of all, write down anything that comes to you. Then, examine its possibilities, pros, and cons.
  • Step 2: Be flexible. Don’t be rigid when innovating. Look at problems and solutions from different perspectives.
  • Step 3: Reshape your thinking skills. Also, don’t restrict your invention’s uses. Consider all its possible functions. For example, we can use bricks to build walls, fireplaces, or shelves. We could even use them to create makeshift chairs.
  • Step 4: Think positively. Finally, don’t be discouraged if your ideas don’t work at first. It takes time to find one that does. Thomas Edison had 3000 notebooks of his plans at the time of his death.

Cool Invention Ideas That Could Change The World In The Next Decades

A human being’s potential for creativity will astound you. Here are a few brilliant innovations that will change lives in the following decades.

1. Levitating Desk Lamps

First of all is a lamp that floats in the air, above a wooden base. People already use the in-the-air bulb by Flyte. Its energy consumption is surprisingly minimal, at only 6 hours a day. It can last for about two decades.

2. Surface Sterilizer

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen has the most germs in the home. Therefore, constant sterilizing is necessary. A sanitizing wand comes in useful. It eliminates germs from non-porous surfaces and frees your cutting board of annoying bacteria.

3. A three-sided flip phone

We introduce the ultimate cell-phone. Because it has three screens, you can run applications on two and dial a friend using the keyboard in the third.

4. Wireless Translator by Pilot

You’ll love this invention if you travel a lot. These wireless headphones offer translations without the need to connect to the internet.

5. Portable Solar Battery

Another device that’s sure to catch your attention is a portable solar battery by an electronics company, Port. It powers up using solar energy. Using it is easy- all you have to do is attach it to a window, wherever you are. You’ll be astounded by the convenience it brings.

6. Aqua Treadmills

Then, combine your love for swimming with running. An aqua treadmill (a treadmill in the water) is the ideal machine to use if you’re recovering from an injury, as it strengthens weak muscles. Another plus? It functions as a spa. Try the one developed by Water Walker and Spa.

7. Combined Cellphone and Bluetooth Headset

Kambala managed to create what more advanced technology-based companies couldn’t – a Bluetooth-cellphone-headset. This device is still under development, so we’ll see how it turns out in the future.

8. Copy and Paste Tool

Wanting to copy and paste text but having no mouse to do it with is frustrating. A portable copy-and-paste tool is what all of us need. What’s incredible about this device is that it can transfer the text to any surface. You can decorate the tops of glass tables with your favorite images.

9. Electronic Sensor Pens

Another tool that you’ll fall in love with is the Electronic Sensor Pen. It writes on any surface, so you won’t have to scramble for a pen or paper.

10. Mito Kettle

This revolutionary kettle offers unbelievable convenience. You can heat liquid in any cup, which saves you the trouble of going to the stove.

11. Portable Toaster

You can take this toaster anywhere. It resembles a knife and can be heated to toast bread. It’s small enough to leave in your hand-carry luggage.

In all, these invention ideas may seem trite but could revolutionize life in the future. If you have brilliant flashes of inspiration in your head, turn them into reality.

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