When will the real world catch up to some of the science fiction novels of our youth?

Space-age inventions and innovations have been a staple of futuristic entertainment since before The Jetsons. Flying cars and robot maids are still ways off, but it might surprise you to learn that some of high-tech toys and tools from “the future” is actually already available today.

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Up, then you’re familiar withthe high-tech collarworn by Dug the dog that enabled the friendly critter to talk to humans. You can’t hold a conversation with your favorite pooch just yet, but you can keep track of their vital signs and overall health using the Voyce collar.

This smart collar keeps a careful record of your dog’s heart and respiratory rate, as well as his caloric intake (no snacks for Fido!) and activity level. This information can, in turn, be reviewed to help you understand how your dog is engaging with the world, plan for better nutrition and exercise, and help stave off potential problems.

Not looking to draw up a medical chart for your dog? You can keep track of your own heart rate and oxygen consumption instead of usingnext-gen earphone tech.

Both established companies like LG and newcomers likeKickstarter-fundedDash have in-ear devices that combine entertainment with health management for the most high-tech health-monitoring device this side of Dr. McCoy’s medical tricorder.

WhoIsHostingThis put together this great infographic that shows some of the gadgets from the world of sci-fi that already exist and you probably didn’t even realize it.

There are some great finds on this graphic, including theTamaggo ibi, the 360-degree camera, and theElectrolux Wirio cooking device, but we were a bit dismayed to see that one of the devices is intended to allow you to know what your dog is thinking. Gary Larsontaught usmany years ago how dogs truly think of themselves.

Sci-Fi Gadgets That Already Exist:

13 Sci-Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


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