From the moment you wake up in the morning, the paper is a part of your life. But what if one-morning paper didn’t exist? Interested in helping the environment?

I read about this project that the 4/5 classroom created. The main idea is to conserve energy and help the environment. So, without using paper, I asked myself, well, if you switch to electronics to do your homework, wouldn’t you be wasting electricity and battery, which aren’t “recyclable?”

They answered that clearly: You can also save energy by doing a large amount of work on the computer and using a renewable resource for your electricity like wind, water, or solar power.

Also, you get the advantages of iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Internet access, Powerpoint, and much more! It would be good for us and our wonderful Earth. To do a day without paper is a great thing to do especially when our environment needs it most.

But, Laptop batteries cannot be recycled, and if you are only doing a small amount of work you may be wasting energy, so it may be better to use a renewable resource like paper from trees. Still, save paper.

Take a look! See if you can try this for a day! I will!

A day without paper is all about students learning more about technology in an educational way. It is also about helping the environment. We need our trees. And the trees need us to help them.

Ways to help. To help you could also join in and recycle the paper you don’t really need to throw away. Another way to help is to use the backs of more paper and then put it in the recycling. I learned that you can save 9 gallons of water each day if you turn the water while brushing your teeth.

Also, a five-minute shower is better than a bath. Another way to save trees and our earth is used reusable bags for groceries. We all love the earth and the earth loves us too so let’s all recycle something from our garbage and save the planet.

Earth is our home. Care for mother nature. Recycling could change the lives of everyone.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Everything comes from natural resources. Paper comes from trees. Trees take time to grow. If we use much paper now we won’t have enough later.



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