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How to Save Trees by Using Less Paper with These 11 Simple Actions

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How can you save trees and help the planet? The first step is to start with yourself and make small changes in your daily routine. Millions of people fail to notice the necessity of saving trees. They use tons of paper on a daily basis without making any effort of knowing the adverse effects of such actions on our planet. These materials that they use come from trees. So, by consuming more paper products, more trees pay the ultimate price. How can we save trees?


How to Remove Oil Stains from Clothes and Surfaces Using Common Household Items

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Have you ever thought that simple home items can remove oil stains? Oil stains can be so disturbing and very hard to get rid of with many detergents promising a lot and delivering little. Did you know that there other inexpensive and easy ways to remove them? Well, we have compiled 13 solutions to remove oil stains with the help of products around you! 1. Baby powder If you ever find yourself with oil stains or splatters on your clothes at home, get some baby


How Would Our Life Be Without Paper?

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From the moment you wake up in the morning, the paper is a part of your life. But what if one-morning paper didn’t exist? Interested in helping the environment? I read about this project that the 4/5 classroom created. The main idea is to conserve energy and help the environment. So, without using paper, I asked myself, well, if you switch to electronics to do your homework, wouldn't you be wasting electricity and battery, which aren't "recyclable?" They answered that clearly: You can also save