Designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have developed organic, biodegradable burial capsules that will turn deceased’s bodies into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains.

Change is the only constant in life; and the one inevitable outcome of our time spent on this Earth dueling with this factor is that at some point, we will all pass on.

But until that time comes, living in the joyful moment and celebrating the finite opportunity to ‘Be’ on this Earth can be a beautiful release in itself.

And while the final passing of one’s ‘essence’ is the ultimate form of letting go, planning one’s physical body’s transformation into something that may nourish generations for years to come can be a peaceful way to find resolution with the inevitable.

And one way this concept has been developed upon is by inventing ways to recycle the human form after its spirit has left.

The most recent idea, developed upon by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, is to create an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that will turn deceased’s bodies into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains.

Organic Burial Pods

Organic Burial Pods

After being encapsulated in the fetal position, the deceased is buried and either a tree or a tree seed is planted above their capsule.

The project’s site already has a number of trees to choose from – so if you or a loved one has a favorite, they can definitely be picky with this choice.

Organic Burial Pods

Organic Burial Capsules

At present, the project is currently only a concept because Italian law forbids such burials. But if it were allowed to proceed, the project’s aim would be to create entire memorial parks full of trees instead of tombstones.

Just the sound of that makes death seem more like a beautiful transition.

And instead of destroying and burying wood for wooden coffins, we would, at the end of our lives, provide sustenance for new trees instead.

Indeed, the idea that our loved ones and descendants could visit our tree, care for it, and rest in its shade is truly a comforting one.


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