Why does a cat meow? To communicate with other cats? No, it is her way of interacting with humans.

Then how cats interact with each other? Cat’s language is composed of vocalizations, body postures, and sent signals.

Basically, there are four kinds of meows a cat produces.

  • Murmur patterns which include purrs and trills
  • Vowel patterns include all variations of meows
  • Articulated patterns which include chirps and chattering. Cats generally produce chirps and chattering when they are frustrated.
  • Strained intensity patterns include hisses and growls which are produced by cats when they have to warm someone.

Why does a cat meow?

There is one simple rule; if your adult cat is meowing, she is looking for your attention. However, when kittens meow, they might be talking to their mother.

Cats can bring variation to simple meow in 19 ways, and are capable of producing 30 sounds overall, says Arden Moore, author of ‘The Cat Behavior Answer Book’.

Here are the main possible translations of cat’s language:

She just wants to say hi: A cat often meows to greet you when you come home. She will meow to say hello to you when you make eye contact with her after you have entered the house.

Your cat wants food: Most of the cat owners are familiar with this kind of meow. Sometimes, cats keep on meowing if she is feeling hungry and knows it is the right time to eat. Sometimes, they will also meow to wake you up and offer her breakfast.

She is hurt: There is something medically wrong with your pet if she is meowing excessively. If her meowing continues, it is time to take her to the vet.

Your cat is stressed: A stressed cat meows more than a normal cat, according to WebMD. A cat becomes more vocal than she normally is when she is stressed. Experienced cat owners must have observed that their cat meows when she is taken to the vet.

She wants to come inside, if she is meowing standing outside or vice-versa: A cat standing outside a closed door will meow to show you that she wants to come in. Sometimes, a cat meows outside a closed door when she even doesn’t want to come in. She just wants the door to be opened.

Your cat wants you to pay attention to her: Cats are notorious. They know that you will pay attention to her if she starts meowing. Sometimes, she meows only for initiating a game or she simply wants you to talk to her.

She is in heat: A female cat can’t tolerate heat and will start meowing if she is feeling the heat.

Your cat wants you to be with her: Cats become anxious when they are left alone for hours. She will also show abnormal behavior with excessive meowing.

Is excessive meowing a sign of being ill?

If your cat meows excessively, you should take her to the vet to ensure that some illness is not behind her meowing. Various diseases make cat angry, stressed, restless and irritable; so it is advised to get her checked by the vet. With age, the cat starts meowing more and more.

The reason may be probably is that she’s got some illness. Never ignore her meow and don’t scold her for meowing too much. Something may be wrong with her.


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