We all know that our cats are special and have their own special traits. But what if I told you that there actually are different cat personality types?

A recent study has been undertaken that has identified five major cat personality types that our beloved feline friends can be divided into. Dr. Finka of the University of Lincoln interviewed two hundred cat owners to find out about the personality of their cats.

From this data, she has concluded that there are five different personality types that our cats will identify with. She discovered that these different personality types were influenced by the cat’s upbringing, genetics, and development.

Below are the five different types of cat personality – which one is yours? One of mine is definitely number 1.

1. The Human Cat

This type of cat loves people and loves to socialize with people. They love nothing more than curling up for a cuddle with their beloved human even if it’s not the most convenient of times (think a toilet visit or just nodding off to sleep).

This type of cats does well in family homes where there are lots of humans to get love and attention from. Often these cats feel they are human and want to do exactly what we do.

2. The Hunter Cat

This type of cat personality is always looking to bring you a gift they have hunted and killed, or possibly maimed. They also love a faux pray such as a stuffed mouse or any sort of cat toy. With the toy they will practice stalking, pouncing, and killing them just to show they can.

This type of cat loves a big space to practice its killing techniques and particularly thrives in an outdoor cat enclosure, or in fact being outdoors where they can find bugs and creatures to “play” with.

3. The Cat Cat

This type of cat personality loves to be around other fellow felines, it’s not much of a people’s person…unless it’s on its terms of course. These cats love to groom their siblings and sleep close to them as well as a daily nose bop.

Cat Cats love the company of other cats, which is interesting as this behavior is not natural if they were in the wild. However, if you have raised a kitten from birth around other cats, it’s quite common for them to have this sort of personality.

4. The Grumpy Cat

Ah, the cat personality that most people associate with the typical cat. These are the short-tempered, moody, grumpy cats that appear to hate everything and everyone.

These types of cats often get stressed very easily and so need to have an owner with a lot of patience to help them cope with any stresses they may experience. They do love their own time and do enjoy time with humans, but it’s always best to give them a bit of distance.

5. The Inquisitive Cat

This is the type of cat that is always getting itself into situations. This type of cats is very curious, loves to explore and is very playful. These are the type of cats that will crawl into any small spaces they see, such as cardboard boxes, cupboards, and drawers.

They are very social cats, they love people, making new human or cat friends and love to climb into a bag if given half the chance!

So can you identify your feline love from the above types of cat personality? I definitely have a Human Cat and an Inquisitive Cat.


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