Homemade Honey Face Wash: Try It Today for a Natural, Nourished and Soft Skin

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Homemade Honey Face Wash

Have you ever tried to cleanse you face skin with a natural remedy like a homemade honey face wash?

Washing you face with some kind of oil can be the best skin care for many, but the challenge is in finding that perfect oil combination for your face.

In fact, once you find the right combination of oils for your face, you are always advised to stick to it. In this regards, this article present to you a natural DIY face wash that could prove the most effective method of cleansing your skin. The key ingredient in this method is raw honey and mind you, it’s pretty easy for anyone to prepare this face wash!

Why honey?

Raw organic honey specifically, contains natural anti-bacteria components, probiotics and enzymes which work best on your face. If your skin is prone to acne, then this might be your solution-raw honey opens up your skin pores reducing bacteria and oil pile up. Remember, proper diet is also vital for getting rid of acne too.

Moreover, honey is gentle on your skin than ordinary soaps. By simply reducing oils from your skin, your face remains nourished thus reducing the need for artificial facial products.

Scientifically speaking, honey can be used as ointment for wounds and burns in humans. As a matter of fact, honey reduces bacteria and accelerates healing while at the same time prevents external disturbances.

What are the best types of honey for your facial Wash?

  1. The Manuka honey
  2. Raw honey

These two honey types are the best for constant face cleansing. Manuka honey is best known for its internal benefits although it can be used for cleansing and antibacterial purposes. Raw organic honey performs a similar function though it cost cheaper than Manuka honey.

Some individuals prefer adding a little amount of vitamin C powder and vital oils to fight acne and bacteria on your skin. I would recommend a mixture of frankincense and drops of lavender to your honey.


  1. Wet your face with warm water and then place honey on your hand and begin rubbing it between your hands. An amount that is just less than a teaspoon full is enough to carry out the whole process.
  2. Start massaging it on your wet face in a circular motion. Ensure that the whole face is covered during the massage.
  3. Allow the face wash to deep cleanse your pores for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Finally rinse off your face with warm water and dry it off.

Note that other common oil cleansing methods can still be used to get rid of makeup applied during the day. Use this honey method as a primary or secondary method for cleansing your skin especially in the morning.

Try this homemade honey face wash today for a natural, nourished and soft skin!


By Egline J.


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