Aniko Kolesnikova creates incredibly detailed 3D book covers that look like they walked right out of some fantasy land.

In the age of mass production, it has become unusual to see a handcrafted item.

It is not profitable enough to produce hand-made things, and it is certainly impossible to keep producing them at the same rate as the factory.

Aniko Kolesnikova has proved wrong all of the people who think that it isn’t possible to be competitive with a handmade item as your main product. In a short time, she has turned her hobby into a full-time business.

She was able to quit her job and devote herself full-time to the production of beautiful polymer clay journal and book covers. She combines polymer clay with other materials, such as miniature plastic jewels and creates extremely detailed compositions that look like they walked right out of some fantasy land.

How many times did you see a handmade book or journal cover?

The last time I saw it, was in a museum and I was looking at a medieval bible. Most journals or book covers are digitally designed and look more or less the same. By introducing her innovative idea she reminded the world that we have forgotten that some of the most beautiful things in this world are unique and cannot be produced in thousands of copies.

The Ukrainian-born artist uses motives of foxes, owls, dragons and other creatures you would expect to find in a fable, and definitely not on a book cover. She also likes to teach, and you can find YouTube tutorials on her channel Mymandarineducky, so if you would like to learn this amazing craft, Aniko will provide you with all the assistance you might need.

On the other hand, if you would like your own handmade book cover, kindle case or a journal you need to order it in advance because it could happen that she is booked for six months in advance.

You can choose your own theme, and the prices go from 150£ for an A6 front cover. Be it as it may, you can’t really pay too much for something this original and creative, and the least you can do is show the artist how much you appreciate her work.

If you liked Aniko’s work you can find more of her work here:, and on her Instagram profile.

Here are some of her exquisite book covers that will certainly make your day and give you something to think and talk about.

02-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

01-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

04-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

03-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

05-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

06-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

08-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

07-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

10-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

09-artist Aniko Kolesnikova book covers

12-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

11-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

14-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

13-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

16-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

17-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

15-Kolesnikova 3D book covers

What are your thoughts about Aniko’s artwork? Let us know in the comments below.

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