Are you under the hot sun and got tired of buying bottled water? Then, you should drink these flavored water recipes!

Most people do wish that there was a better option of quenching their thirst than having to purchase bottled water. It would save you a few bucks and most importantly, save the environment since most of the bottles end up in landfills taking decades to decompose. Buying flavored water can come with a pack of disadvantages too; added colors and other agents that may be unhealthy.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to spice up our plain non-bottled water. Let’s see some amazing flavored water recipes:

1. Watermelon and Jalapeno Water.

In need of happiness hormones? This is all you need. Jalapenos are enriched with capsaicin, responsible for the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormones due to its high energy provision. Watermelon will give it an added advantage with its package of Vitamins A and C.

2. Apples and Cinnamon Water.

Flavored water recipes

It seems an apple a day can truly keep the doctor away. An apple is known to be “enough” in keeping you off so many ailments! In fact, when combined with Cinnamon-whether sticks or grounded, it comes with a lot of benefits. Cinnamon will improve the sensitivity of insulin and at the same time lowering the concentration of blood sugar.

3. Vanilla Bean and Orange Slice Water.

Either a vanilla bean or vanilla extract, it will still go well with the orange slices to give you the best of the antioxidants.

4. Basil and Strawberry Water.

Flavored water recipes

If you want to stay young, this won’t disappoint you -especially when combined with iron and Vitamin C provided by basil and strawberry respectively. This can also help keep cancer away!

5. Raspberry and Pineapple Chunk Ice Cubes.

All berries are known to be very beneficial; strawberry, blueberry or even raspberry. If they are mixed with pineapples and then frozen, I bet you will go back for more!

6. Lemon, Mint, Peach and Blueberry Water.

Flavored water recipes

Filled with so much antioxidant, this mixture can do our body some form of justice besides making your water interesting.

7. Sage and Blackberry Water.

A combination of so many nutrients in one mixture. Blackberry comes with fiber and polyunsaturated fats; Sage comes with Vitamin A, calcium, and iron.

8. Lemongrass and Cucumber Slice water.

Flavored water recipes

If you are dealing with metabolism issues then this can help you. The beauty is that apart from the health benefits of cucumber, it can also make our water taste better!

9. Cayenne Pepper and Peach Slices.

Flavored water recipes

If you are looking forward to shedding a few pounds and living a healthier life, peaches and cayenne pepper will help you curb your appetite.

Try these amazing flavored water recipes and you will never go back to processed water again!


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