Do you dream about finding true love? The Chinese five elements will help you out!

The meeting of two characters is like the contact of two chemical substances; they transform if there is a reaction.

– Carl Jung

Many factors govern relationships. Two people may gel or part for many reasons. World-renowned psychiatrist Carl Jungwho founded analytical psychology was spot on about the necessity of a positive reaction when two personalities meet.

The Chinese believe that the five elements determine a person’s character. Just as the combination of two chemicals causes a reaction, the merging of two elements decides if two people will sit together watching the sun set in their old age. Here is how you can use them for finding true love.

The Chinese Five Elements and Their Bearing on Love Relationships

According to the Chinese, the five elements of Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and Metal control everything in the universe. The Chinese Zodiac signs of the:

  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Tiger
  4. Rabbit
  5. Dragon
  6. Snake
  7. Horse
  8. Sheep
  9. Monkey
  10. Rooster
  11. Dog
  12. and Pig pass through the elements.

The signs decide a person’s birth circumstances. A person’s character forms when their sign merges with one of the elements.

The elements have relationships with one another. These relationships can be beneficial, destructive or hostile. Advantageous relationships are as follows: Water supports Wood, Wood generates Fire, Fire produces Earth and Earth creates Metal.

Some elements cannot sync as one destroys the other. Water puts out Fire; Metal destroys Wood, and Wood shatters Earth, which swallows Water.

Combining certain elements causes volatile reactions. Water dislikes Fire; Fire hates Metal. Metal repulses Wood; Wood hates Earth and Earth cannot stand Water.

So, how does this have a bearing on love relationships? The answer is simple – putting people influenced by the wrong elements together can spell disaster.

The Chinese Five Elements and Your Personality

According to the Chinese, the five elements shape your character; the one you are born in determines the kind of person you are.

1. Earth: The Preschool Teacher

The Earth element signifies stability. If you were born into it, you would have a strong sense of responsibility to those around you and will nurture them. You deal with problems in a methodical, rational way.

You have excellent deductive abilities and a strong moral compass that guides your actions. Your sense of self-discipline is strong. A Preschool Teacher best describes your personality.

You have an uncanny ability to keep things in perspective, and your steady nature will impress a partner. You will thrive in a relationship with someone who is adventurous.

2. Fire: A Wizard

The Wizard is the archetypical fire personality, he craves abruptness and spontaneity. If the Fire element guides your birth pattern, you will want adventure and excitement.

You have a magnetic personality and a sense of fun that draws partners, and prefer not to live in isolation. You will form strong bonds with your partner and others around you.

Rein in your aggressive nature, which may spoil these relationships. The color of fire is red, a symbol of anger; this means that you will do well not to let negativity define them.

3. Metal: The Alchemist

You would have a resilient, self-reliant nature if you were born into the Metal element, like an Alchemist. You have a sense of fun but will not let it compromise your partner’s feelings.

You are relentless in pursuing your goals, regardless of the obstacles you face. Your natural problem-solving abilities will bode for you when finding true love and building relationships.

You would also have a profound desire for spiritual enlightenment. It may cause you to detach yourself from people, so you may want a partner to keep you grounded and connected.

4. Wood: The Pioneer

Do you love putting thoughts into action? You may have been born with the wood element. You are an artist with a passion for your work. A confident person, you appreciate your gifts and do not lust after goals you cannot attain. A partner who is more spirited will appreciate your grounded nature.

Woods are spendthrifts. When building a relationship, ensure that you do not overspend, as this may worry your partner. Further, those with this element tend to be passive partners in relationships. Do not get involved with someone who will overwhelm you, as you may lose yourself.

5. Water: The Philosopher

If you love discussing life, you may have a lot of Water in you. Having a dominant water element will make you charming and sensitive. You will be intelligent and creative as well. Being someone who “goes with the flow,” you will take relationships in your stride.

You have a flair for noticing a person’s ability, which will bode well for forming relationships; you will be able to fortify your partner’s self-esteem. Water personalities work well with partners who appreciate your need for flexibility and fluidity.

Love and Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Understanding which elements work best together may help you find your better half. Getting to know members of the opposite sex who are born into elements that complement yours could be a start to finding true love and forging your dream relationship.

Water and Wood

If you are a water personality, you would have loads of inspiration. You would also have the boldness and tenacity to put your ideas into action. However, the details may overwhelm you.

A Wood partner will offer you the support you need. Wood personalities are confident and seldom let themselves be swayed by opinion. A person born into the Wood element will have the savvy to put your ideas into action, while you will have the flexibility necessary to counter their stubbornness.

Fire and Wood

Fire personalities are charismatic and have the uncanny ability to draw people to them. They also have an uncontrollable sense of fun.

If you are a Wood personality, you will appreciate a Fire partner’s ability to make life seem less boring. They, on the other hand, will love your confidence and ability to help them stay on task.

Earth and Fire

Earth personalities have a natural capacity to give to others. If you are born into the Earth element, your nurturing ways will pull others out of the dark.

However, you dislike change. A Fire partner will prompt you to explore new possibilities. You will also provide the necessary support so that their passion will not fizzle out.

Metal and Water

Metal equals resilience. The metal in you will allow you to rise above tough situations. You will also have a profound, spiritual nature.

You will build a beautiful relationship with a Water personality. With both of you being philosophical, rational and sagacious, you will spend much of your time exchanging ideas. Your minds will meet, and you will walk a spiritual path together.

Metal and Earth

You may also form a balanced relationship with an Earth personality. They will keep you connected to others and prevent you from being too detached. You can also help the grounded Earth to understand that it is alright to disconnect from people at times.

The elements are guides to life; they point the path to finding true love.



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