Being pregnant is difficult and challenging for any woman who has ever gone through it.

In fact, women, especially those that are having their first pregnancy, go through a lot emotionally and physically, which is not pleasant to them but the good thing is that it is pretty much normal.

Of course, some of these difficulties are caused by other people or by the pregnancy itself. In simple terms, pregnancy calls for great care and that’s why this article looks to shed some light on some common challenges you might be faced with during pregnancy.

The great thing is that we take a light approach to give you some hilarious comics to make nimble of the challenges every pregnant woman faces.

Now, first things first and let us take a peek at some of these common challenges. We have compiled some hilarious infographics thanks to Line Severinsen – a Norwegian illustrator and mother of two.

She captures pregnancy problems with lots of humor that caught our attention. Just sample them and tell us what you think.

1. Expectations from the Society

Well, it is common for any pregnant to feel bad when their partners, boyfriends or husbands and those around them to expect them to behave in the same manner as when they were not pregnant. This will usually give some sort of pressure and stress that may not be good for the pregnancy.

Stop touching my belly!

stop touching my belly

Fears About Giving Birth: Water Breaking In Public

Fears About Giving Birth Water Breaking In Public

2. Uncomfortable questions

It does not get worse than those irritating questions that seem to be presented by everyone around you! There are those people who can’t just help but ask when the due date is. Some ask if you are expecting one child, twins or triplets.

Then there are those who will perhaps comment on the size of your belly. This may make you uncomfortable especially when the questions get personal, but the best way to sail through is to grow some bit of thick skin. In simple terms, try to control your reactions to them as much as you can.

Other People Seem to Know Better Which Name to Choose for Your Baby

other people seem to know better which name to choose for your baby

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

3. Emotional and physical problems

During pregnancy, expect your body to change physically thanks to normal changes in hormones. Such changes will at times make your moods change from time to time. This will affect your emotions and general happiness.

Also, you will most likely crave weird things at that time which can grow tiring and stressful, especially to your partner. A bigger belly can limit movement and make you less flexible and comfortable in doing common chores of your liking.

Third Trimester

Third Trimester

Every Man’s Greatest Fear

Every Man's Greatest Fear

Can’t See Below The Belly

Can't See Below The Belly

Have You Had Any Pregnancy Cravings

Have You Had Any Pregnancy Cravings

When You Are So Swollen That You Look Like The Michelin Man

Carrying too much weight

5. Health problems

Since a pregnant mother finds it hard exercise coupled with the fact that she also eats a lot of food then there might be health implication on this. One can get diabetes or high blood pressure due to fats accumulating in her body.

A mother should get professional advice from her doctor on what food she should eat and how to control her weight and also how to live during the pregnancy stage.

Oh Those Lovely Pregnancy Hormones

Oh Those Lovely Pregnancy Hormones

They Say You Shouldn’t Eat For Two

They Say You Shouldn't Eat For Two

7 Months Without Alcohol

Seven Months Without Alcohol

5. After-birth Problems

Having a successful delivery is the happiest thing to any mother but it a successful delivery is not an easy process not forgetting that the aftermath of pregnancy may not be that cool. The increase in weight can affect a woman’s physique and general look.

She might have that feeling that she is not very attractive as she was before which in turn can affect her self-esteem and confidence. The best solution for this is to exercise gradually perhaps under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

Also, consult a gynecologist whenever you have any queries or issues pertaining to your health and body shape after pregnancy.

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