It’s important to have people in your life whom you can count on, but it becomes unhealthy when you get too emotionally attached to them.

These are five warning signs to look out for when deciphering whether you get emotionally attached to others too easily.

1. Constantly checking your phone for messages.

One surefire sign that someone is on your mind, a little too much, is constantly checking your phone in hopes that they have messaged you. If you notice yourself panicking when a friend or crush hasn’t texted you back quickly, you are on a dangerous road that may lead to scaring these people off.

2. Feeling absurdly jealous when they hang out with someone else.

If you notice yourself getting jealous when someone has a life outside of your relationship with them, it’s a huge indicator that you have an unhealthy attachment.

It’s not best to spend one hundred percent of your time with one person and you shouldn’t expect someone to ONLY want to hang out with you either. You have to accept that the people you’re close to have other friends and need to focus on them as well.

3. You feel depressed when alone.

If you’re always around people and you feel a need to fill your days with social interactions, it may be because you can’t handle being by yourself. Often times, those who feel depressed when alone try to distract themselves with the attention of friends or love interests.

This is okay in moderation, but it’s important to learn how to be alone and comfortable with yourself. If you are codependent and always clinging to friends to avoid being alone, others will eventually notice and may even feel you are putting too much pressure on them.

4. Their ambition becomes yours.

When you spend all your time with another person, especially a significant other, it’s easy to let your personal goals float off to the side, out of view. If you are adopting your partner or friend’s ambitions as your own, that is a huge warning side that you are emotionally attached in an unhealthy way.

A worthy partner or friend will want you to have your own ambitions and see them through. It’s okay to be interested and involved with another’s projects but if you don’t have any of your own, it’s time for a wake-up call.

5. You confide in people very quickly.

Do you ever find yourself confiding in people you barely know? If you are telling people whom you just met all your problems, it’s a sign that you are clinging on to others unnaturally to fill gaps within.

Of course, you should be able to talk to your friends about your feelings, but if you’re unloading years worth of baggage onto someone you met a week ago, they may feel a bit stressed out and even find you to be too needy.

Do any of these signs ring true for you? Do you consider yourself a person who gets emotionally attached too easily?


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    All of these things probably work in my case and it makes me feel sad about it.

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