How much e-waste or e-scrap we are wasting every year? The answer is 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste, and we only recycle 10% to 18% worldwide.

Some of the most used electronics that are usually replaced are television, printers, portable devices like cellphones, USB, and music players.

Although electronic waste is the fastest-growing portion of the municipal waste stream, because they are full of valuable resources, including silver, gold, titanium, fossil fuels, aluminum, iron, tin, copper and much more.

Many of the materials used to make electronics are not at all healthy for us. If they ultimately end up in our bodies (easier than you think), they weak havoc on our health.

  • Buy durable electronics, that will last longer!
  • Care for electronics, to lengthen their valuable life.

Electronic Waste Where Does it All End Up - Infographic

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