Dating is never easy. It may become even more difficult if you are dating a sarcastic person.

Even if you’ve found your “soul mate”, being in a relationship won’t be a walk in the park.

No matter what, there will be fantastic ups, horrible downs and probably some boring, stagnant parts in between. This being said, there are certain types of people who are just more challenging to date.

Have you found yourself dating a sarcastic person?

I know from experience that it can be frustrating, however, when the sarcasm is not directed at you, it can make you double over with laughter. Sarcastic people are usually intelligent, as they have the ability recognize life through an alternative sense of humor.

They can make fun of almost any aspect of life, even and often, their own pain. In order to successfully date a member of this mysterious breed, you need to mentally prepare for a few things…

First of all, you need to have tough skin. Or at least develop one quickly. Sarcastic people make fun of everything from the government, to the sandwich they are eating for lunch.

Don’t mistake yourself as something that is outside this firing range; nothing is! You have to learn to laugh off seemingly rude comments, and better yet, shoot one right back at them. Your sarcastic significant other will fall hard for you if you are able to play their game of wits.

Along with sporting a tough skin, you need to be able to stand up for yourself.

A big part of coexisting with a sarcastic person is communication. You need to feel comfortable telling him or her that they went too far this time and hurt your feelings. Chances are your partner does not intend to upset you and would like to know if something is bothering you (and if not, leave them!).

It is natural to try and adapt to his or her sarcastic nature and aspire to remain calm and collected around them. However, you need to speak up for yourself to make sure that you are ultimately taken seriously.

If you try to act like every single sarcastic comment is okay with you, when some really are not, you will end up exploding; Leaving your partner to wonder why you didn’t say something sooner.

Last, but certainly not least, you need to prepare for the agitation of your friends. When things become serious between you and your sarcastic lover, your going to want to introduce them to your friends and family.

If those closest to you are sarcastic people as well, great! Though chances are, your going to have some friends or family members whom you love dearly, but CAN NOT stand your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This will be hard to deal with because as an average human being, you usually want two people whom you love to get along.

You have to go into this knowing that you are going to hear negative comments from friends time to time, and though that’s unfortunate, it’s not the end of the world.

You may have to tell your partner to tone it down with certain people. Another thing you could do would be to warn certain people that you happen to love a sarcastic twat and that you’re sorry in advance for any tempers he or she may rise.

Dating a sarcastic person isn’t easy, however, it won’t be as difficult if you keep some of these things in mind.

Love seems to happen in the strangest circumstances when and with whom we’d least expect. If you find yourself with a sarcastic person, I’d like to say “good luck”, but also “don’t be afraid to see where it goes”.

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  1. Chester

    Or, you could just be an adult and realize that you are dating a sarcastic person. You could also realize, as you said, that they do not intentionally mean to hurt you – so quit getting pissed off at comments you know are supposed to be funny.

  2. Chester

    This article was reeeeaaaaaaalllyyy helpful. Thanks.

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