Learn how to manage stress and instantly feel calmer with these 6 science-backed methods.

Stress, unfortunately, plays a significant role in modern life. An increasing number of people are facing more pressure than ever before and between the demands of the

An increasing number of people are facing more pressure than ever before, and between the demands of the workplace, a society that thinks you should look perfect at all times, and making time for friends and family, it’s not difficult to see why stress is such a big part of life.

As heart disease and heart attacks are amongst the main causes of death, both of which are exacerbated by stress, we need to accept that this is something we need to control.

There is no end of benefits from learning to manage stress, and reducing the risk of heart disease and heart attacks is only the first of many.

When we’re stressed, we’re racing through life, and likely to miss all of the small moments that make life great.

Our relationships are also affected by stress. We struggle to turn off that feeling and actually enjoy spending time with our loved ones, rather than taking our stress out on them, or declining social events as we’re too stressed to enjoy ourselves.

Not dealing with stress can also lead to some more serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

That’s why it’s important to try these weird methods that can help you feel calmer and manage stress in no time:

1. Make Your Bed

This may sound like strange advice when it comes to mental health, but you’d be surprised by how effective it is. You may be reminded of your parents scolding you for an unmade bed, or think you enjoy a relaxed and bohemian lifestyle that doesn’t involve military-style bed checks. But you’d be surprised by how much this can change your outlook.

It’s not easy to explain but studies and surveys from around the world all agree – making your bed on a morning is a huge boost to your mental health.

One of the key aspects of this is that you’d make your bed in the morning, and you’d be starting a productive pattern of behavior that sees you take charge of your surroundings. It only takes a few seconds to make your bed, so why not give it a try?

2. Revel in the Good Times

When you’re stressed, nervous or anxious, you can feel like you don’t have time to celebrate the small things or even the big things. It is absolutely essential for the human psyche to celebrate the milestones in life.

Without this, life can just pass you by, and before you know it all you’ve done is work and worry. Take the time to enjoy good things in life, and you may even find that you realize you’re making mountains out of molehills, and your problems are smaller than they seem.

3. Say No Sometimes

While you may have heard that saying yes is the key to happiness, to embracing new things and exploring new opportunities, it’s actually truer that refusing to say no weighs us down.

By trying to prove that we’re capable of everything, that we can handle anything our boss throws at us, we end up taking on too much and stressing out about our overload of commitment.

Saying no when it’s necessary will establish your limits, and mean you can actually enjoy your life rather than running around trying to convince others that you can handle absolutely everything.

4. Try Keeping a Diary

This may sound simple, but writing down everything that makes you feel stressed and nervous can help you let go of it and learn to manage stress.

Writing down the things that bother you helps you accept them, and it means that your negative thoughts and feelings don’t fester and grow until they’re no longer manageable.

As you grow in confidence, you might think about blogging and sharing your growth, and before you do so it’s really simple to find a proofreader to check what you’ve done.

5. Make Lists in Threes

On any given day, limit your to-do list to just three things. Prioritize them, and make sure they get done – anything else you accomplish is just an extra. Then at the end of the day, list three things you’re grateful for.

This is a great way of keeping track of what’s really important in life.

6. Set a Sleep Schedule

Breaking a habit is hard, but your health will benefit from early nights and early mornings, with at least eight hours sleep in between. Doing the most challenging thing you need to do first also puts you in a great position to tackle everything else that day.

While some of these tips may seem unrelated to your stress or nerves, the truth is they are all linked, and doing these things daily could make a massive difference.

What other ways to manage stress and calm nerves do you know? Share them with us in the comments below!

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