Independent people make the best friends and here are fourteen reasons why…

1. They are dependent

Independent people will always follow through on the plans they make. Even if it’s a casual arrangement, they will always stick to it.

2. They like space

Space is necessary for any friendship, and independent people love their space and respect yours too. It’s good to set boundaries, knowing when to back off and when to approach, and independent people have that down to a T.

3. They are honest

Independent people have a really good knack for giving good honest advice. They will do it from an outside perspective without hurting your feelings and will say what they feel is best for you and your happiness.

4. They are ever-present

You can always rely on an independent person to always be present to pick up the pieces when you are going through difficult times. They will still always be there to support and help you.

5. They are cool-headed

They are totally fine if you happen to cancel last minute. They may get a bit annoyed but it doesn’t last and they never hold grudges – they’ll just see you next time.

6. They are decision-makers

An independent womanwill make the decisions you can’t, big ones and the smaller, less important ones like where to order a takeaway from. They make sure both parties are happy, whilst remaining decisive about their choice.

7. They are responsible

They are 100% responsible for their actions and will always take responsibility for how they behave. They are grounded enough to know that if they have made a mistake, they’ll apologize for it.

8. They aren’t jealous

Independent people don’t hold grudges and don’t get jealous when you hang out with a different company of friends from time to time. They don’t get offended when you have in-jokes and lots of old memories.

And of course, they like hearing about your past friendships. It also gives both parties the chance to be independent of each other, without being joined at the hip.

9. They aren’t clingy

They won’t need you as a crutch when they have a breakup. They are used to doing stuff on their own. They don’t dwell and move on quickly, so when the ex is the ex, that’s it.

10. They love fun times

They will always know something to do that’s fun, and maybe sometimes even free. They are total free spirits so they always know where the fun will be. All you have to do is be open to the ride.

11. They are always present

They will always be there. Whether it’s a Sunday morning coffee, a spot of badly undertaken DIY or lending an ear when work is getting you down. They are good problem solvers and will always be around to listen.

12. They love self-development

Independent people always want to be better people. In every capacity from home life to work, there’s always scope for improvement and they are always looking to do so.

13. They are protective

They only have a few close friends so if someone hurts you, they are on the case. Friendships are incredibly important to independent people and they protect those they love.

14. They are your rock

Whatever happens, they are always going to be there for you, in whatever capacity you need. Independent people know the value of a good home base. So even if they off on a beach in Thailand, they’ll be there in a flash if you need them.

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