Scandinavians always emerge as the world’s happiest people, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Many of them appreciate life’s little pleasures, a concept known as ‘Hygge.’ So what exactly are these little, but important sources of joy? And what are the things you can do, to make yourself as happy as they are?

Scandinavians Are Some Of The Happiest People On Earth Because Of These 7 Things

1. Connections

First of all, Scandinavians emphasize family time. They derive a sense of well-being from the people they love. Therefore, you’ll find them taking vacations with family members as soon as there’s an opportunity.

2. Appreciating Small Comforts

Scandinavians love to bundle up, arm themselves with a hot drink and just while the time away. It’s best if there’s a fabulous view from the breakfast table to enjoy. It’s the everyday things of life that put smiles on their faces.

3. Oneness with Nature

Scandinavian people love all things natural. You’ll find lots of plants in their backyards or balconies. Like them, fill your room with flowers and enjoy how they beautify your surroundings. Furthermore, they love the outdoors. You’ll find Scandinavians biking, hiking, or sailing, no matter the weather.

4. Scandinavians Travel A Lot

Scandinavian countries rank the highest for having the most number of holidays. Their people enjoy a proper work-life balance. It’s not a surprise that they are among the most well-traveled people on earth. They take the time to escape the home of their homelands, but always return to appreciate them.

5. Cook from Scratch

Do you grab pre-made Lagsania from the store because you’re too busy to cook? It could explain your stress. The Scandinavians, conversely, cook everything from scratch. Their faces light up because the bread they spent time making turned out well.

6. Scandinavians Don’t Compare

According to a study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, people become unhappy when they compare themselves with others. That’s how they judge their well-being. They found that a person’s depression worsens when there are happy people around.

7. Scandinavians Moderate Their Emotions

Scandinavians, when compared to people living in other European countries, tend to keep their feelings in check. According to Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World, Finnish people are happy because they don’t have violent mood swings.

The Keys To Happiness: Little Hygge Ideas

You can practice Hygge and enjoy happiness, even if you aren’t Scandinavian. Take pleasure from simple, everyday comforts.

You may, first of all, think that avoiding negative emotions like anger might help you stay joyful. Burying them is not a solution, as you don’t get to experience them. You won’t understand their triggers either. Acknowledge them instead. Also, set new goals every day. You’ll feel happy when you learn or achieve something new. The process is rewarding and healthy.

Like the Scandinavians, you shouldn’t take life too seriously. Do things that will trigger belly laughs. Playing charades or watching funny sitcoms often does the trick. You should, furthermore, focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Of course, happiness comes from thinking about what you’re good at doing and increasing your self-confidence.

Track your thoughts. Throw out the persistent, negative ones that always lower your mood. Finally, practice gratitude. Unexpected surprises, such as sunlight coming through a window, can make you burst with joy.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures and become as happy as your Scandinavian friends.

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