Would you believe that cannabis can actually enhance your mental abilities and make you think creative?

Former inquiries into the effects of cannabis on the brain showed that cannabis has the potential to disrupt constructive reasoning while affecting efficiency and output.

While an older study of Harvard provided outrageous claims about the effects of cannabis, there have been newest findings published in Frontiers in Pharmacology that indicate the contrary.

At the same time, the new facts debunk theories that suggested marijuana has a damaging impact on mental abilities and functions.

In the light of this new information, there has been sufficient proof that unequivocally demonstrates the beneficial effects of marijuana on the mind with many other claims reinforcing the therapeutic and enhancing effects of marijuana on the brain.

McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in conjunction with Tufts has jointly asserted that marijuana has a beneficial effect on some functions of the brain. The result shows that itenhances and improves mental capabilities while thoroughly refuting claims to the contrary.

When it comes to marijuana, it becomes increasingly imperative to be acutely aware of the many different strains of cannabis and their different properties and effect on the body and mind.

There is a wide variety of cannabis seeds with peculiar benefits to the mind, with some being very helpful in stimulating creativity and reasoning, which translates into amplified efficiency and output.

For instance, the Sativa strains have a stimulating effect on the mind, which enhances cognitive process and reasoning. On the other hand, Indica strains have a calming effect with therapeutic benefits against pain and anxiety.


While there is a discussion about whether cannabis enhances creativity or not with many arguments on both sides, there is no question about the effects of marijuana in increasing Dopamine levels in the brain.

Dopamine is particularly responsible for amplifying mental capabilities with improved focus, mental capabilities, and making us think creatively.

Changes in dopamine levels in the human brain can cause crucial changes to how a human brain functions. The effect of Dopamine on the human brain is extensive as it enhances the entire cognitive acuity with significantly improved emotional intelligence.

Frontal Lobe

The thinking of the brain has been shown to be a place that works as a hub of distinctive thinking functions and inventiveness. Given the aforementioned, it becomes very easy to assert that the frontal lobe is directly connected to divergent reasoning patterns and capabilities.

Cannabis is proven to have a profound effect on the frontal lobe by stimulating reactions that are very similar to patterns that are found when an individual engages in constructive brainstorming and in-depth reasoning.

It becomes conclusive that ingesting cannabis can potentially play (under conditions) a beneficial role in our brain activities and improve human thinking and creativity.

While the findings on the effects of marijuana on the brain remain largely inconclusive, there is considerable scientific evidence that can be deduced by merely observing the chemical reactions in the brain that are associated with marijuana.

Unarguably, marijuana for some people has shown a remarkable ability to improve their mental acuity and make them think creatively.

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    Something I smoke and smoke when I’m creative there;)

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    It’s interesting to read about how cannabis can improve creativity. I can say that most marijuana users I’ve spoken with definitely claim to be more creative after smoking.

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