When it comes to marijuana, there are many different patterns of use. For those who smoke on a regular basis, there may be surprising reasons for this frequency.

In fact, the reason may just be that marijuanasmokers encounter less negative feelings when partaking of this herb. The reason for the reduction in negative feelings is the chemical THC.

This chemical actually increases the serotonin levels in the brain, thus bringing on the “happy” and relaxed feeling that marijuana is well known for. There is, however a downer to this chemical, literally.

As we know, marijuana elevates the mood. As we are now realizing, it can also have a downside. A recent study shows that the chemicals in marijuana do, in fact, cause both good and bad feelings in smokers.

The Study on Marijuana Smokers

The study involved 40 teens and adults who regularly smoked marijuana, approximately 10 times a week or more. With the help of a personal digital assistant, which reminds the smoker to keep a daily log of their moods, the test could be conclusive about one very important fact.

The good feelings brought on by marijuana use were only temporary. According to the tests, 24 hours before smoking again, the user experienced irritability and slight depression. This downer then led to smoking and attaining the good feelings once again. It turned into a cycle that cannot easily be broken.

Dr. Lydia Shier of the Boston Children’s Hospital proclaims that this cycle is the number one reason why smokers have a tendency to fall into addictive behavior. Whenever smokers try to quit, they experience anxiety and irritable moods.

It seems as though, with the previous study, that smokers would recognize the true effects of the drug. When smokers use marijuana, they immediately feel better, but then feel worse later on. Apparently, none of them associate the bad feelings at all, just the good ones.

Researchers suggest replacing the marijuana high with a similar stimulus. They have hopes that this alternative will take the desire to smoke away from the users.

Since 70 percent of the teens and young adults responded to the study with the PDAs, then it can be understood that the assumptions are correct.

In fact, the other 30 percent may have been under the positive effects when reporting their moods.

Whether help smokers or is truly damaging, is left to question.

This herb does, in fact, have many mysterious characteristics and amazing properties which have yet to be explored.

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