Social situations are very important in our lives and there are psychology tricks that can be applied to them.

Here are ten clever psychology tricks that will make your life easier when in social situations:

1. Find out if someone likes you

To find out if someone likes you, simply pick a word as they talk. Every time they say that word, smile, and nod. If the person does like you, they will start using this word a lot more each time they talk to you.

2. If you think someone doesn’t like you

If you think someone may not like you, then ask them a small, very simple favor, like borrowing a pen or a stapler. Just make sure you return it. Little favors build up to them thinking that you may not be so bad.

3. How to fake being a good listener

If you haven’t really been paying attention, then simply paraphrase something that they say at the end of their part of the conversation and agree. You’ll look like you were listening to the whole time. Just don’t do it too often, you may get caught!

4. Make a great first impression

When meeting someone for the first time, make sure your hands are warm but not sweaty. Warm hands make a friendly impression, whereas cold hands are unpleasant and can make a bad impression.

5. Got a song stuck in your head?

If you have an annoying earworm and can’t get it out of your head, sing the end of the song, or sing it the whole way through if you can. Your brain will continue to think of something that it has not received closure on.

6. Get people to agree with you

If you want people to agree with your point, nod and smile as you speak. People will automatically smile and nod back, making them much more likely to believe what you are telling them.

7. Assume comfort to assume control

It’s natural to be nervous around new and unfamiliar faces. If we tell ourselves to assume that we have met these people before or that we are comfortable in the situation, then we appear much calmer, comfortable, and in control of the situation around us.

8. Look at people’s feet as you approach

This is an oddly important one. If people are in an important conversation, then they will turn their torso as you approach them, but not their feet. If they turn their feet, then you are welcome into the conversation. Keep this in mind, as timing is key when you enter a conversation so as not to appear rude.

9. Need a favor?

If you need a favor from someone, your best bet is to open the question with “I need your help…” This instills a small amount of guilt in the other person and makes them much more likely to help you.

10. Find out who likes who

When a group of people laughs together, people look at the person they are most comfortable with towards the end to see if they are still laughing. This can be an indication of some feelings toward another, or who is closer to whom.

Do you know any other psychology tricks that are not on this list? Share them with us in the comments below!



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  1. Nick Hill

    Or, Just be yourself and forget about trying to manipulate people into liking you

    1. Asad Zaidi

      Thank you!

    2. Axier Frias Cervera

      Sometimes you have to use tricks to get what life doesn’t give to you

      1. Nick Hill

        Axier Frias Cervera You are only fooling yourself. If you want a physical thing, then you need something of agreed, equivalent value to exchange it for. If you want a person to like you because you like them, then tell them and see what happens. If you manipulate people, it gets fucked up real quick. Look around you.

  2. Kunjabihari Adhikari

    In India, if someone rubs one eye and looks at you with the other, it is considered a sign that: 1. You may get in an argument; 2. The person is not to be trusted.

  3. Mauro I. Zepeda


  4. Himalaya Singh Rathore

    Quite helpful.

  5. Karen Ellarson Hudson

    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out… I think you already know without needing to look for clues..

  6. Arcelia Romero

    I”ll do my best.!!! thanks a lot.

  7. Josephine de Boer

    AJ Bucci interesting

  8. Athanasios Kourkouliotis

    why to do this hypocritical things? to ged a better image of your self after all the I is the self wich is knwoledge that what i have collected trough experince and stored in the brain as knwoledge psychological!this image is fictitious entity! thought has created this image is a ilussion!thought knwoledge is allways limetid conditioned because you add allways to it psychological more ilussion confusion disorder!because the knowledge what you have collected who have made the image is memory is an past event, can never understand the presence the new therefore the past contradict the presence!the past modified the presence and carry over the difficulties from the past to the presence and project the future with more nonsense these are non facts and actualletis, which are all illusions!!love truth compasion and intelegent is always new!!must be can be adhere wise!in these qualities there is no contradiction they are one! the self the ego who is te image contradict and resist everthing!thought cannot perceive immediately because the EGO is the image that thought has created, thought has divided thought as the thinker and thought but is that so?
    but there is only thinking and this division create conflict and dualety is born out of fear!

  9. Ferol M. Donalson

    Why call it a “trick”? A communication strategy or tool to enhance friendship, perhaps.

    1. Mikey Bikes

      Disingenuous tactics in communication are nothing but trickery. Is that real the feeling you wanna leave someone with after interaction?

    2. Ferol M. Donalson

      I agree, it can be communication manipulation. Like conjunction junction (sorry, I’m an elem.teacher).

  10. Geoff Filer

    This is so messed up

  11. Charlie Sanders

    This is advice for social reject MBAs and other, lower forms of clueless life. Not for humans. 🙂

    1. Nenad Bach

      Natural is the best way and everybody doesn’t need to love you. That is why we have too many grown men in short pants. Accepting reality is part of growing wise. Taste life as it is…beautiful!

  12. Katrina Felton Fifer

    #5 explains a lot lol

  13. Anne McAteer

    Smashing , eh Nigel Gorman

  14. Cleo Prentice

    Jud TheSpud this is an interesting one xx

  15. Matt Ballentine

    Number 6 is how snakes get in the garden!!!

  16. Viktorya McCorquodale

    What if everyone read this and applied it on each other? Would n’t that make an already superficial situation even more so?

  17. Diana Dusek

    If you have good intentions then why do you need strategies and not just be genuine?

  18. Mikey Bikes

    AKA “how to be manipulative”! Tactics like this only increase disingenuous garbage. If you’ve ever caught someone using these “tricks”, you know just what I mean.

    1. Angela Maree

      This article should be titled ’10 Psychology Tips for Inauthentic and Insecure People’.

    2. Heather Bowen

      I don’t think by looking at someones feet you are being manipulative. Maybe trying to avoid an unwelcome interruption which can be rude.

    3. Mikey Bikes

      Isn’t that done with eye contact? Looking at feet is the same as cueing words in this list. It’s about reading somebody’s attitude towards you so it can be exploited.

    4. Vonda Gee

      Most often they won’t even realize that you’re keeping your distance because of their tactics and manipulation. As how does one even interact or be themselves with someone that’s like this

    5. Mikey Bikes

      You really can’t in this scenario. I’ve have more honest and intimate interactions with people I don’t even share a language with than people using this “program”.

  19. Sladjan Milenovic
  20. Stephen Bowen

    Another psychology tip.

    To determine if somebody is crazy, find a way to call them crazy in a joking way.

    Most people respond by brushing it off with a funny comeback.

    Crazies get defensive and sometimes even angry.

    That’s crazy.

    1. Shane Foote

      What’s crazy is someone calling someone something to try to offend them.. seems uncivilized and pure nuts! Where all crazy and no, I hope that didn’t offend you!

    2. Stephen Bowen

      Lol…Case and point…

      The prosecution rests.

    3. Samuel Careen

      Stephen Bowen it’s so true man

    4. Vonda Gee

      Folk that think they are smart always come up with the most strangest and backward “ideas”. Who in their right mind would sit, plot and wait for the right time to call someone crazy, just to see if they are crazy. It takes zero effort to see and *know that someone is crazy…….as it’s just a matter of time.

    5. Kelly Anne

      Most crazy people don’t actually realize they’re crazy so they wouldn’t get defensive if you called them crazy.

    6. Stephen Bowen

      Oh they know Kelly. They are in constant self conflict to convince themselves that they are not. You’re thinking psychopath.

      And who has time for crazy to emerge on its own Vonda? They are sometimes very skilled at hiding it for the short term. Why waste your own precious time for zero benefit? And throwing out a joke doesn’t take and plotting session to pull off. Well, not to normals anyway.

    7. Randy Mckee

      What if you have fucktardism?

    8. David Lukic

      BAHAHHA all of this I’m crazy…..

    9. Mikey Bikes

      All this does is confirm whether that person has a reaction to being deemed crazy by others.

    10. Vonda Gee

      You’ve blatantly said that your so called joke is more or less an tactic to make your judgment call. So make up your mind, is it a joke or a tactic. Who invests their time to come up with antics to identify crazy?! Normal people tend to move on, as it takes zero effort (if you’re sane) to make a judgment call after whatever experience. No one (regardless of how skilled they think they are) can hide who they are, period! Unless you’re investing your life through marriage or a business endeavor with another person oooor you plan on going around and screwing a bunch of people at your leisure……there’s no need for you to go worrying about who is or isn’t crazy.

    11. Miranda Scholes

      what is your definition of crazy?

    12. Stephen Bowen

      You are really overthinking this Vonda.

      I never said it was a joke. It is in fact a tactic wrapped in a joke that seems harmless to non-crazies.

      And we definitely do have to pinpoint who the crazies are among us. Then we will have a better monitoring system so people that cut heads off on greyhound busses don’t happen.

      How about The mental health community take this more seriously and actually confirm that people who need the medication are actually taking it. Or those that need emotional stabilizing to attend sessions for the good of society. Oh yes… I lay this squarely at the feet of mental health professionals. Don’t just throw pills at people with no follow up. There should be regular visits initiated by the healthcare provider… Not the patient. $200/session tells me that the whole thing is just a cash grab. And in the end on the bottom line, change only happens when the patient truly wants things to change.

      Miranda, My definition of crazy?

      Anyone on the outside of the standard deviation for the local population in behavior.

      For us, that means that a person should not need to see a therapist every week on an perpetual basis. Sure, things happen in life. Traumatic events happen in life. If you need psychological help, go ahead and get it. But there must be an endpoint.

      People who achieve that end point and require no further intervention = not crazy.

      Those of us that have to continually go back for counselling for several years or their lives completely fall apart = crazy.

      If a person has a history of not handling things in a socially acceptable and adult manner = crazy.

      If someone needs medication to fly level, get them in every week. “Are you taking your medication as prescribed?” And don’t take their word for it… Blood test them. If the client passes and has the substances in their blood that they should at the correct levels, tell them good job and I’ll see you next week. Repeat this pattern until they have demonstrated that they understand the importance of the medication and can be trusted to maintain their dosages on their own.

      If they are irresponsible and do not follow doctor’s orders, increased supervision is required.

      Is my line of thinking really that far out?

    13. Syed Imran Ali

      Stephen is crazy about mind tactics.

    14. Stephen Bowen

      It’s called psychology and it’s big business Syed.

      I refuse to accept that the random person standing/sitting beside me could suddenly snap show and attack me without provocation.

      Somebody, somewhere knows that this person is prone to these unacceptable outbursts.

    15. Kelly Anne

      I tell you one thing, I’m seeing here that some people are entirely unaware when they suffer from severe arrogance and self righteousness

    16. Shane Foote

      Actually if anyone was sain they would know the absolute truth.. they called Albert Einstein crazy because of what he proved to be! To be crazy would be to have false belief.. so who is really sain? Are your beliefs 100 percent correct? So who cares where all nuts…

    17. Shane Foote

      I’d say theirs people locked up in a mental Institute for having accurate beliefs but we think their crazy because it’s not yet proven! Who’s the real judge here? Screw the system!

    18. Stephen Bowen

      The article does sound like me doesn’t it?

      I’m just tired of tip toeing around issues people don’t want to talk about. It is 100% WHY the issue continues to exist.

      Mental health providers just simply don’t seem to address the actual problem.

      It is like when a building starts crumbling, the bricks start falling out. The therapist help to put new bricks back in place and strengthen the building. But this is only temporary because the reason for WHY the building is crumbling in the first place has not been determined. It’s only a matter of time before those new bricks get pushed out again. The bricks are a symptom of the actual problem.

      And then we have to consider that threshold where too many bricks have fallen out and the building cannot be repaired. At this point, there’s nothing anyone can do except evacuate surrounding buildings and wait for the collapse.

      This is just how my engineering mind works. Fix the problem and the symptoms go away.

      This is not how therapy addresses the client.

      Yes I’ll admit, I know the word “crazy” is a trigger word. But WHY is it a trigger word?

    19. Stephen Bowen

      Also… What does it REALLY mean when a member doesn’t show their face on a platform intended to show your face?

      It’s called Facebook for crying out loud.

      What kind of psychological buggery is going on here? What are you hiding?

  21. Rob Nettleton

    I smile and nod when people say the word “drink? “

  22. Heather Bose Caron

    Just in case you need some new manipulation tactics.

  23. Diann Bruce

    This is disrespecting the others person ! I would rather be considerate and respectful!

  24. Melanie Suraci

    Well I’m screwed, my hands are always cold lol Rebecca Suraci

    1. Despina Kapouni

      Lol same here

  25. Bharath Raman

    Useful Valentine’s day tricks

  26. Saul Finch

    Or just stop playing games with people

  27. Lindsey Rigler

    Zac Harris read number 5 lol

  28. Gloria Gallegos


  29. Tammy Doiel

    nope this is just simple conditioning

  30. Michelle Meyer

    Very interesting information when you are repping

  31. Sara Wynn

    Here is a revolutionary mind blowing idea…

    Instead of hints and tips to figure out what someone is ‘trying to say’, how about people learn how to communicate (tell you how they feel or what they think using their words)?!

    Prek basics people, come tf on.

    1. Jonathan McGregor

      Maybe because most people are full of shit and say the things they think people want to hear!

    2. Sara Wynn

      That’s when you realize you’re talking to the wrong people

    3. Ruby Rose

      This would be great! Unfortunately some people are incapable of communicating. Funny thing I’ve found, those are the people who criticise others for lack of communication of course, not to their faces some people insist on playing games to see who bites, testing loyalty through setups, and displaying passive aggressive behavior…all while they remain along and have no idea why

    4. Jonathan McGregor

      Sara Wynn unfortunatly life isn’t that simple, you have to deal with all manners of people in the world to live a full life. Closing yourself off and dealing with only a specific type really would be very boring and let’s face it unrealistic!

    5. Vonda Gee

      Although I agree 100% with what you’ve said, you have to remember there are folk that would rather resort to mind games and antics……..makes their life more interesting. Plus it some how entertains them

    6. Sara Wynn

      I am well aware we live amongst many narcissists and other types who love the games and are just waiting for their next victim.

      Evan, I guess I wasn’t angry enough next time I’ll ‘use my words’ and all capital letters.

    7. Sara Wynn

      Jonathan, life is that simple when you make the decision to cut those people out of your life. Boring and unrealistic communication or even talking to a wall sounds better to me.

    8. Vonda Gee

      Ruby, I didn’t see your comment before, but life is a game to these types, and they’ll aim high to destroy whoever is their target. The psychology behind their reasoning, has nothing to do with whatever person they’re deceiving or trying to deceive. I think more people, especially if they’re genuine and equally niave in nature, need to educate (as in spiritually) themselves on how to listen, as well as recognize what’s genuine from what’s not. Or whatever deceiver will play on their subconscious (especially if they believe they know you) however they choose, in order to make them just as unhappy and miseraaable as they are.

    9. Ryan Bell

      It’s just a matter of body language and different ways of communication. If only words mattered then people would be fine to text all the time. It’s not like everyone who studies this is some sicko who is trying to manipulate you, body language does not lie and being able to read that can save or help you in a lot of social situations.

  32. Despina Kapouni

    Why the hell would you want to make someone like you if they don’t? Especially by making them think that they “lend” you their things all the time…..?

  33. Antje Sahl-Tetrault

    A lot of manipulation going on here,I do not care for it.

  34. Shane Foote

    Screw psychology.. their not always right and they do add to the problem at times! Just because someone don’t smile back, don’t mean they don’t like you!

  35. Samantha Henson

    The part about songs stuck in your head, there was a sentence that I think can be applied to lots of situations. It said “The brain will continue to think about something it has not had closure on”. Boy isn’t that the truth

  36. Thomasine Lawson

    Charlotte Hall pretty interesting!

  37. Wendy Mcburney

    Gabrielle 9. That’s you..

  38. Maxim Spektor


  39. Jonathan McGregor

    If you want to make a girl fall in love with you quickly, make them come as hard as you can, as quickly into the relationship as you can and as often as you can!

  40. Penny Postma

    Just be honest..

  41. Katie Lawless

    Wow, these are super helpful!! I did not know about the “feet” one.

  42. Mitchell Blaine Cox

    Unless you have social anxiety, even if I like someone I poker face that shit.

  43. Shannon Finnerty-Marion

    Great tips. Thanks

  44. Ashwin Ashok

    Aditya Vin Interesting this is..

  45. Jen Strean

    Alyssa Mills Mariah Nicolle Johnson Kori Lock this is kinda cool

  46. Kim Charlie

    smile and nod 🙂

  47. Debora Fang

    These tips are gonna make my life like hell.

  48. Pat Roberts

    Smile and nod. 🙂

  49. Angie Allee


  50. Ben Ward

    Peoples attention is truly focused on where their knees are pointing. Regardless of their eyes or torso

  51. Marcelle Nassif

    How about if I don’t give a fu if people like me or not?

  52. Melissa Comfort-Furby

    AdriannaMaria…we were talking about this type of stuff earlier…

  53. Jessica Baumgartner

    Good ones !

  54. Alesha Pisciotta

    People also tend to point their feet towards whatever interests them most. That could either be the person in the group that they find the most interesting, or the door if they want to leave.

  55. Jim Gershwin

    Here’s a “trick”. Be genuine. Humans are excellent BS detectors.

  56. Deva Pragyan

    Horses have a very wide field of view so their ears are a guide to where their attention is. Looking straight at them is predator behavior. It is better to use your peripheral vision.
    Those of us on the autistic spectrum have to learn all these tricks just to appear normal.
    Oversharing makes others uncomfortable, I have had to learn to be pleased when others don’t believe I’m autistic

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