Social situations are very important in our lives and there are psychology tricks that can be applied to them.

Here are ten clever psychology tricks that will make your life easier when in social situations:

1. Find out if someone likes you

To find out if someone likes you, simply pick a word as they talk. Every time they say that word, smile, and nod. If the person does like you, they will start using this word a lot more each time they talk to you.

2. If you think someone doesn’t like you

If you think someone may not like you, then ask them a small, very simple favor, like borrowing a pen or a stapler. Just make sure you return it. Little favors build up to them thinking that you may not be so bad.

3. How to fake being a good listener

If you haven’t really been paying attention, then simply paraphrase something that they say at the end of their part of the conversation and agree. You’ll look like you were listening to the whole time. Just don’t do it too often, you may get caught!

4. Make a great first impression

When meeting someone for the first time, make sure your hands are warm but not sweaty. Warm hands make a friendly impression, whereas cold hands are unpleasant and can make a bad impression.

5. Got a song stuck in your head?

If you have an annoying earworm and can’t get it out of your head, sing the end of the song, or sing it the whole way through if you can. Your brain will continue to think of something that it has not received closure on.

6. Get people to agree with you

If you want people to agree with your point, nod and smile as you speak. People will automatically smile and nod back, making them much more likely to believe what you are telling them.

7. Assume comfort to assume control

It’s natural to be nervous around new and unfamiliar faces. If we tell ourselves to assume that we have met these people before or that we are comfortable in the situation, then we appear much calmer, comfortable, and in control of the situation around us.

8. Look at people’s feet as you approach

This is an oddly important one. If people are in an important conversation, then they will turn their torso as you approach them, but not their feet. If they turn their feet, then you are welcome into the conversation. Keep this in mind, as timing is key when you enter a conversation so as not to appear rude.

9. Need a favor?

If you need a favor from someone, your best bet is to open the question with “I need your help…” This instills a small amount of guilt in the other person and makes them much more likely to help you.

10. Find out who likes who

When a group of people laughs together, people look at the person they are most comfortable with towards the end to see if they are still laughing. This can be an indication of some feelings toward another, or who is closer to whom.

Do you know any other psychology tricks that are not on this list? Share them with us in the comments below!


By Francesca F.

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