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5 Things That Happen When You Stop to Wear Makeup on a Daily Basis

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Have you ever tried to stop to wear makeup for a couple of days? A lot of the time, make up is applied not because the wearer actually wants to spend 20 to 45 minutes applying their makeup every day, and then topping it up throughout the day. They wear makeup daily because of social pressure. Having worked in the advertising industry, it was made apparent that how you looked and what you wore was just as important as your CV. Makeup is seen as

Why We Make the Same Mistakes in Relationships Over and Over

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Do you repeat the same mistakes in your relationships? Have you ever wondered why this happens? When you look back at your past relationships, do you ever notice a pattern? Do you always make the same mistakes and fall for the emotionally unavailable ones (guilty!), the manipulators, or those that cheat? Apparently, there is a neurological and psychological explanation for this behavior. Humans are creatures of habit, in a professional, friendship and romantic capacity. You end up doing the same things over and over because

7 Signs You Have a Nice Girl Syndrome Which Stops You from Being Happy

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Living as a nice girl means you are living a lie. You are lying to yourself and to those around you. By living this way, you lose touch with your true feelings. Below are some signs to look out for if you think you might be a nice girl: 1. Feeling you are not good enough “Nice girls” live by the principle that they must be nice to everyone in order for them to be accepted and loved themselves. The idea that you must be

10 Habits of European Women That Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

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If you adopt the following healthy habits, you'll significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer, study shows. Many believe reducing the risk of breast cancer should be at the forefront of people’s mind rather than the focus solely being on early detection, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery that often leaves women feeling self-conscious. The word cancer terrifies most people. What if there was a way to help prevent the disease from ever developing within your body? The presence of breast cancer in Europe is high. Changes

This Touching Story about a Bullied Boy Shows How a Small Gesture Can Save Someone’s Life

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This is a touching story about a boy called Kyle and how one kind act can change someone’s life. There was a boy in high school and one day he saw a boy from his class, called Kyle, walking home having been in school. Kyle was carrying all his books from school. The boy thought “why would he be taking all his books home from school on the weekend? He must be a nerd.” The boy, as always, had a busy weekend of parties and

Here Is What Being Friends with an Ex Says about You, According to Science

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The topic of being friends with an ex often comes up in friendship groups. Many believe it’s the worst idea ever versus those who think it’s nice to be civil to each other. It can be hard to let go and so staying friends without sex can be a comfort. You can hang out, talk on the phone, go to the cinema, but without all the drama of a relationship…but is this a good idea? A scientific study has found that only people with dark

Are You Looking for Love or Do You Just Want to Stop Feeling Lonely? How to Tell the Difference

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We often hear from our friends or ourselves say that we are looking for love, but are we actually looking for real, true love or do we just want to stop feeling so lonely? In today’s social media obsessive culture, admit it, you love it when you get over 10 likes on an Instagram post or to get a comment on a Facebook post, but is this superficial? Are we using social media to fulfill the needs that a true love offers? Speaking from personal

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) That Will Be More Powerful Than What You Buy

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If you are looking for a way to make Rick Simpson Oil, you are in the right place. Rick Simpson Hemp Oil has been known to be used by people throughout the world for a variety of health concerns. The purest form of Cannabis Oil is one that you make yourself and therefore will have a better effect on the body. If you want to make Rick Simpson Oil, there are a couple of things you will need to know. How much do I need and how much