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Caroline Hindle is a freelance writer, editor, and translator based in the UK. She has an MA in Ancient World Studies but has a wide spectrum of interests, including philosophy, history, science, literature, politics, morality, and popular culture.

4 Amazing Things Happening in the World Right Now (And You Probably Haven’t Even Noticed)

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We're living in an extraordinary time. There are amazing things happening in the world and most of us haven't even realized it yet. Remember back in 2012 when we were all half-expecting the world to end, and then it didn’t? Interestingly enough, not all of the projections for 2012 were that the world would end per se. Rather that there would be amazing things happening in the world at that time. Does anyone remember Terence McKenna, the bizarre mix of scientist and psychedelic guru? He claimed that he’d


Why You Can Find Happiness Only by Having More Experiences, Not Things

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Materialism is sold to us as the primary way to find happiness. We live in a consumer society gone mad. But it's experiences that count. It’s almost impossible not to fall into the trap of materialism. You’ve got to be made of strong stuff not to let it seduce you from time to time. You can try turning off the TV and be paying no heed to commercials, but when you step foot outside, into a world consumed by consumerism, it won’t be five minutes before


7 Things That You’ll Only Understand If You Live on Your Own

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Do you live on your own? If so, you’ll probably identify with these 7 phenomena peculiar to single living: 1. You eat what you want when you want. Any cohabiting couple will tell you that for some reason, the question of what the couple wants to eat as a unit becomes a real daily burden. A problem of immense proportions. ‘What do you want to eat today?’ – ‘I don’t know… what do you want?’ This is an exchange that occurs far more often than is healthy. When


5 Reasons Why People You Surround Yourself with Are Crucial to Your Personal Development

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When you’re on a journey of personal development, the people you surround yourself with really count. Here are a few reasons why the people you surround yourself with can make all the difference: 1. You need people to push you up, not hold you down. It’s important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your personal vision. When you want to accomplish something, the people who are close to you should be there to keep you on track. The worst thing you can


Why Finding Yourself May Cost You Some People (and It’s Perfectly Okay)

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Finding yourself is one of life's toughest challenges. So many people, young and old, seem to feel lost these days. We’re all fed these huge expectations about life and spend the first twenty years or so pursuing what we think is going to be a life of success and meaning. Then we find out that what we’re doing is feels anything but successful and meaningful. It’s unbearable when the things you're doing in life don’t match your values. It’s tougher still when no one understands how


3 Reasons You Should Date a Person Who Accepts You the Way You Are

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Why should you date a person who accepts you the way you are? Well – the way you are can mean different things. There are a few possible scenarios. We should be clear about which one we’re in before proceeding. Scenario #1: You’re with someone who doesn’t accept you the way you are because you behave in an unacceptable manner. You have a wandering drink too act out - that kind of thing. You recognize this, and you admit that you could benefit from making


Do Plants Feel Pain? New Research Reveals the Unexpected Truth

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Do plants feel pain and emotion? Is it possible that they can bond and communicate? Is it possible that plants are able to experience pain and feel other human-like sensations? Prince Charles always believed they did. For years the public has laughed at the British Royal for talking to his plants. He was ridiculed for years after being filmed making the following statement on a 1986 documentary filmed about him in the UK. ‘I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important


5 Character Traits That Prevent Diseases

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Character traits really can make people less likely to suffer specific serious illnesses, according to a recent study. Holistic medical traditions, such as the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, have long associated character traits with health. Certain links made in these traditions seem to border on the superstitious, but there is now evidence from conventional science to confirm that behaviors and tendencies can have an impact on whether or not we develop particular illnesses. The study, carried out by a team of psychology researchers in the USA, found that people with the