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Caroline Hindle is a freelance writer, editor, and translator based in the UK. She has an MA in Ancient World Studies but has a wide spectrum of interests, including philosophy, history, science, literature, politics, morality, and popular culture.

5 Signs of Psychological Dependence in a Relationship

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Psychological dependence, which is found in many forms in human beings, is a component of addiction. Unlike physical dependence, which occurs in pursuit of a reward, psychological dependence develops from the fear of having something which seems to reduce pain taken away from us. Psychological dependencies can occur in relation to food, drugs, shopping, and even physical exercise. One of the most common areas for psychological dependencies to occur, however, is in love relationships. What Is the Difference between Love and Psychological Dependence? 1. Jealousy You


Why Is Life So Unfair and What Can We Do about It?

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If you ask me: Why is life so unfair? I will tell you simply to look to living nature to understand the nature of life. In all things, we must first be honest with ourselves. When a pack of hyenas ambushes its prey and starts eating the poor animal while it is still conscious, this is nature at work - and we recognize it as such. Nature is a striving for continued existence; and, in nature, one living creature’s existence comes at the expense of another’s.