We’ve all encountered an angry person at some point in our lives. It may be a family member who remains closed off and withdrawn or a neighbor with a tough exterior who never smiles.

It may seem that these people are unreasonably angry when the truth of the matter is; they are just unhappy.

When people are chronically unhappy, it’s hard for them to see the good in the world around them. This often makes unhappy people negative, mean, and just plain difficult to deal with. Knowing why an angry person acts the way they do may make it easier to be around them, or at least easier to sympathize with them.

If you’re trying to understand an angry person in your life, look out for these nine signs indicating that someone is unhappy.

1. This person likes to play the victim.

Unhappy people often feel like the world is unfair. Most of us know and accept the fact that life is hard, but for some people, life’s challenges are just too much. It’s easier for an angry person who is secretly unhappy to blame others, or even the universe, acting like the helpless victim whenever they have a problem.

2. The glass is always half empty.

If someone’s glass is perpetually half-empty, never half full, it’s a good indicator that they are not happy. Unhappy people and especially chronically depressed people see no reason to be optimistic. These people feel that each day is more difficult, without any hope of change and this affects the way they perceive even the smallest of things.

3. Insecurity is common.

Many people are unhappy due to their own insecurities. If someone does not feel that they are good enough they will likely hold a fear of rejection. It’s much easier to act angry, pushing others away from the start because if you reject everybody first, it’s impossible to face rejection yourself.

4. Constantly comparing your life to others’.

Everybody compares aspects of their lives to those around them, unhappy people, however, do this much more often and to a higher extent. If someone feels no joy in their life they will probably view happier people around them as having better and easier lives, even if that’s not true at all.

5. Jealousy is a frequent friend.

This goes hand in hand with constantly comparing your life to others’. Frequently, unhappy people are unnecessarily jealous of everyone around them. They see other people enjoying life and just can’t understand why they don’t feel the same way.

Rather than trying to learn from happier people, unhappy people would rather lash out in envious rage.

6. Getting overly upset at seemingly small things.

Have you ever seen someone cry over a spilled drink or get heated very quickly in an unimportant argument? This usually happens when someone is struggling with their happiness. This person may constantly feel upset and they just can’t handle one more thing going wrong, not even something small.

7. Negative word vomit.

Unhappy people can’t stop talking negatively, gossiping and complaining as they see the world through negative eyes. As they say, “misery loves company”. Unhappy people would rather focus on the negative aspects of life as they feel they can identify.

8. They take on the world’s problems as their own.

Many angry people will claim that they can’t be happy when there are people starving, wars going on, social injustice occurring and much more. It’s true that these issues deserve attention, however, spending your life angry is not going to reverse the world’s problems.

Average people will be upset about these types of issues at appropriate times, however, they will bounce back and concentrate on other aspects of life when need be. Unhappy people will not bounce back and instead, they will continue to find reasons to be miserable as that’s what they are used to and comfortable with.

9. Complete lack of energy and or motivation.

Unhappy people often feel tired all of the time. Not the type of sleepiness one feels after pulling an all-nighter, but a general state of fatigue where the person feels tired of life itself. Unhappy people often feel too tired to do simple things like get out of bed or walk the dog, let alone work, even after sleeping for eight hours.


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    Hi, I found this post by searching…..Is getting angry a crime ?……I like your 9 reasons why someone might be angry…..Is being …unhappy a crime ? I would say….no……Is it a sin….my opinion….no……..these emotions seem to be naturally given to us at birth . My guess … by the Mother….

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