We all want to live a good life, especially when it comes to raising children and a family.

The goal to live a good life is guided by certain principles that are personal and vary from one person to the other. There are also those that are the standard, for example, the quest for a good education for a child, good housing, and financial security just to name but a few.

Talking of life, there is a very interesting short film by the name of ‘Alikethat will remind you of the real meaning of life – in case you have forgotten!

The Film

In the film, Copi who happens to be the father of a young child as shown in the video is parenting him in the best way he knows. This video starts with the father packing books for the child ready for school.

As he leaves for work, he also drops the child to school. They pass by the park where the child’s attention is drawn to a man playing the violin at the park. The father doesn’t seem to care much as he drags the child to school.

Upon arrival at school, the child is given the assignment to complete, precisely an alphabet assignment but instead, he draws a picture from the memory of the man he saw at the park playing the violin.

When the father arrives to pick him up in the evening the boy shows him the assignment he did and the father is really disappointed. He takes his son and they walk through the park, the son again gazes at the man playing the violin and this agitates the father who takes the son out of the place.

The following day the son is given the same assignment which he completes as required. The father arrives in the evening but the son doesn’t seem excited to see him. He, however, hands him over the assignment that was correctly done.

This incident makes the father reflect on his actions towards the child and his personal life. He starts seeing life not as too much work but as personal happiness and doing what you love. Interestingly, that day while at work he pictures his own child from a different perspective.

Then in the evening when he went to pick up his son from school he gave him the original assignment he had previously done where he drew the man at the park with the violin. This lights up the child’s mood and he hugs his father holding on tight. This gesture touches the heart of his father and he decides to take the child to see the violin player.

Sadly, on arrival, they do not find the violin guy, and the child’s heart is sunk. But his father is determined to bring back the good moods so he stands where the violin player usually stands and starts simulating his plays as he hums and it works! It makes the child so happy that he runs to the father and the father lifts him up in happiness.

So, what is the moral of the story? What does it take to live a good life?

Well, this video shows that life is more meaningful than working too hard all the time. This becomes apparent to a father from a child who isn’t afraid to show what he loves and likes. The parent is forced to reflect on his work, time dedication, and parenting skills. It is a super good lesson for all of us!


  1. http://www.alike.es/

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