A good night’s sleep is essential to good health, wouldn’t you think?

Lying in a warm cozy bed, drifting softly into dreamland-this sounds like heaven. If you can enjoy these aspects of sleeping while improving your quality of life, then it’s a win-win situation.

There are, however, a few things you should never do before bed. Avoiding these 8 sleeping mistakes, can greatly improve your health and sometimes even your appearance.

1. Lights on while sleeping

A recent medical study showed that sleeping with the lights on is not just a preference. This activity can have an effect on the quality of sleep and how the body functions. Cortisol functions abnormally which add pounds to your physique when you keep the lights on.

The solution: Turn off the lights! Use dark drapes, close the doors and remove distracting gadgets. This is the way to remove all unwanted light from your sleeping area.

2. Eating before bed

Eating right before bedtime has always been a no-no. Not only does food affect the way you sleep, but it also causes indigestion.

The solution: Before bedtime, make sure there are three hours after your last meal.

3. Late night workouts

You should never work out before bedtime, especially hard impact cardio workouts. They tend to raise your body temperature which releases hormones that prevent sleep.

The solution: If you must do something pertaining to fitness, opt for Yoga!

4. Cuddling with furry friends

Yes, it’s comforting to sleep with your pets, but it might not be healthy. Sleeping with your furry friends can cause serious diseases, plagues, and internal parasites. One cat scratch can cause serious issues with the internal organs.

The solution: Provide a separate sleeping area for your pet. You will be healthier in the process.

5. Wearing tight clothing while asleep

It’s never a good idea to sleep with tight clothing on. Clothing that fits too snugly can raise body temperature. It can also inhibit the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that governs sleep. Sleeping naked is a much better option.

The solution: If you can’t sleep naked with a light cover, then sleep in loose-fitting sleepwear.

6. Sleeping with hair pulled back or tied

The problem with sleeping with the hair up is that pulling the scalp causes damage to hair follicles. This, in turn, causes hair loss.

The solution: Sleep with your hair down or in a loose ponytail.

7. Sleeping positions

Sleeping in a bad position can cause joint or back pain later on. These positions generally involve sleeping with your head on your chest with your knees pulled up high. Also, sleeping on your side or with the pillow over your face can cause premature wrinkles.

The solution: To avoid problems in posture, pain, and appearance, sleep on your back.

8. Bad weekly sleeping patterns

Sleeping at drastically different times disrupts the Circadian rhythm. When you do this, it affects cell regeneration, hormones, and activity in the brain.

The solution: Learn to fall asleep and get up consistently.

So that’s low-down on how to have the best sleep possible. With a little practice, you can have the steps down in a cinch. Enjoy these changes and make the best of your appearance, your health, and relaxation.

Sleeping should be a pleasure, so get the most out of your time before bed!

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