Do you always stick to your own way of thinking and concerned about getting criticism from others? Then you are at the right place. This is an article to provide you tips on how to become an open-minded person.

You will never find a person who is open-minded about anything that comes in their way. None of us is completely open-minded and at the same, you are not narrow-minded as well. But you can help yourself in a better way to not become further narrow-minded and learn how to accept new thoughts and become more creative.

Here are a few activities that can help in stimulating your brain and becoming an open-minded person.

1. Push your body beyond the limits

Do not always stop yourself from doing something that you never did, it may be physical activity or mental. Try something like walking backwards in your house, which you never did. Do you like to juggle? How many balls do you like? 4? 5? 10? Then you must now try beyond it maybe 20 or 50 also. It is not impossible, rather you should learn to push yourself out of the comfort zone!

2. Stimulating your eyes can also help

Do not always watch the same kind of shows or movies, rather try something that you think is boring and you would never watch it. Go for something that you would quit, rather than watching it. If you think, you always watch TV, then try to stop watching TV for a few days and utilize this time for something exciting and new.

3. Stimulating your ears with music

Everyone has a different choice when it comes to listening to music. You should try something very boring or which you never tried before like some classical music or anything else. You will not love it for the first time, but you will definitely sense something new in it.

4. Learning something new

Instead of learning or practicing something that you love is not creativity. Rather, try to join some classes that are different from what you know and do. Try to learn any new language, try to learn about history and there are many such options available on the internet.

5. Never stay idle

You should never keep yourself idle like when you are waiting in a queue at a bank, waiting for someone at a restaurant. You can do something with your mind like trying to learn how to double numbers and keep doing it till it is impossible. Try to read the words in reverse or learn some mathematical calculations.

6. Write as much as you can

If you are looking for a change in your life, then writing is the best option, but not many are aware of this. You will be able to express yourself and it is not going to be easy at all for the first. So keep writing as much as possible and you will be surprised to see where it would take you.

You also have many tools online to help you in writing better and to keep you motivated, for example, such tools as Hemingway App, Readability Score, Learning Path or Grammar Girl.

7. Different lifestyles and people

Yes, this is definitely a good option. You can try to learn about different countries, their culture, lifestyle, the people. There are many things that you do normally in your country, which can be a crime in another country. These aspects are interesting to learn and free as well if you have internet.

8. Overcome your fears

Are you scared of mathematics? Are you scared of programming languages, even when you are having knowledge about them? Then take a pen and paper, start coding something simple. Take the help of internet and the magic that you can do is unbelievable. When you are having knowledge about something, you will understand yourself better.

You should never stick to your limits mentally and physically. Always try to push beyond it, but make sure you are doing it gently, rather than forcing yourself into it.

It’s never too late to become an open-minded person, don’t you think?

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