How many times have you been told that having a stable, long-term relationship in your 20s was a bad idea? That you are wasting your prime years by settling down early. Well, you know what, to heck with those thoughts!

Here are some of my favorite reasons for being in a long-term relationship in my 20’s;

I have also included the thoughts of friends around me as a disclaimer.

1. When you go to a bar, you have someone to watch your back. So when you are stumbling home, at least you know who you are with.
2. You have all the perks of being single because it is not based on your “status” it is about two people enjoying their youth, together.
3. Fewer chances of an STD if your partner is honest.
4. You build a life together early, no set habits, no awful traits. Both of you are learning and adapting to the adult world, why not shape your partner to what you need?
5. What if you have found what most people search their entire life for? You haven’t lived even a quarter of your life yet; you have so much time to devote to other things now.

6. You have a lot of time to devote to a career, you have love and family, now it’s your turn to become an even better you.
7. You may not have obligations yet such as kids, a house, or car payments (yuck) meaning more cute dates, traveling, or just spending it on pizza while both of you lounge on the couch, you’re adults, it’s your money, do what you will.
8. You can plan for the future. Retirement is slipping away from us every day, so if you and your partner start saving early, you can spy that ideal retirement spot early and save for it.
9. Stability is always a good thing when stepping out on your own.
10. If you fall on your face, it is easier to work through something with someone who understands you.

11. When you are young, money troubles may not be as serious. They get serious surprisingly quick, but if you learn your partner’s habits, you can adapt and budget wisely.
12. Fast food gets boring. Having someone cook you dinner while you nap has never been something I would look forward to, but gosh do I anticipate Saturday and Sunday.
13. You have someone who will be there for you no matter how bad your day is. They know how to cheer you up and bring you out of your funk.
14. Family gatherings don’t have to be hiding in the corner with your phone. You have someone to talk to or talk about.
15. You really don’t have to impress them; they love you for who you are, and they will remind you every day.

16. All stores become adult playgrounds. That means hide-and-seek in Costco, swordfights in Target, and generally being lost in Ikea.
17. You learn early what it takes to make a relationship work.
18. You have someone who wants to see you achieve and do well for yourself.
19. Growing into a relationship makes transitions, such as marriage, is easier. If marriage isn’t quite your thing, you have been dating so long, people just assume it.
20. Having emotional depth in a long term relationship is better than anything you will ever find in a casual fling or notorious one-night stands.

Let people talk, at least you know that you have someone who will stand by your side day and night.

Love is a beautiful thing and has no age limits. You could find your true love when you are in high school, and it could turn out you are a power duo. Even if you are older, all these perks can still apply, love is limitless.



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  1. Ash Tornas

    funny how we spoke about? this the other day! Do you miss me are you bored? Do you want me to visit lol

  2. Ash Tornas

    funny how we spoke about? this the other day! Do you miss me are you bored? Do you want me to visit lol

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