If your partner is unfaithful, you will know with these strange signs of cheating. Studies have shown the validity of these indicators.

Maybe it’s not so much about signs that your partner is cheating on you, but rather indicators that can tell you beforehand, whether your love interest will cheat or not.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to pre-screen a few guys to learn their predisposition to ditch loyalty? Yes, so would I!

Are humans monogamous creatures?

How faithful are human beings? If you view humans as animals, then the answer would be that we are probably not meant to have monogamous relationships. But, there are some species that do prefer one mate exclusively for the majority of their lifespan.

Since this is the case, it pokes holes in the theory of humans not being monogamous.

On the other hand, however, humans do tend to act with polyamorous tendencies. Even if they proclaim to be faithful partners in a relationship, a strange instinct or lack of will sometimes allow them to stray.

Are we monogamous creatures or are we built to live in “free love” standards? It’s hard to say. For now, and for those who prefer loyalty in relationships, we want to learn how to spot a cheater before they cause damage to our hearts.

Here are the weird signs of cheating you need to look out for.

1. Lower pitch voices

According to scientific studies, males with lower-pitched voices are more prone to cheat in relationships. This could possibly be due to the fact that lower voices are usually indicators of higher levels of testosterone.

The more testosterone present, the more likelihood of infidelity.

2. Religious affiliation

It may be no surprise to find out that those who are religious are less likely to cheat. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen between devote partners, but there is a decrease in the incidents.

According to studies, this is because most religions are firmly against promiscuity and infidelity, and believers choose, for the most part, to adhere to these beliefs. On the other hand, those who don’t have religious affiliations are more prone to stray without fear of spiritual consequences.

3. Career choice

Men or women who have higher paid careers are more likely to cheat. There are basic reasons for that. It can be because, with more funds, there are more personal options, and higher paid careers often gain more attention, especially sexual attention.

As most of us know, money and status are quite attractive characteristics.

4. Guys in I.T.

Speaking of career choices, did you know that those geeky guys might not be so faithful all the time? Yeah, I wasn’t all that thrilled with this one either, but AshleyMadison reports that a large number of those cheating hubby’s work in information technology.

Now, I’m not saying all geeks are cheaters because most of them aren’t, but it seems like those in the I.T. career field might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

5. Blonde women

Like the old saying goes, “blondes have more fun”! Well, I guess they’ve been having fun in quite a few places, huh. According to studies, blonde women are more prone to cheating than brunettes or redheads.

In fact, around 40% of blonde women admitted to not being loyal in relationships. Hey, you judge for yourself.

6. French

Listen to this! Around 75% of French people surveyed, admitted to cheating at some point in their lives. This information comes to us from the sex toy manufacturer, LELO. It seems that the French really are more romanticand tempting as well.

7. Wayne

Around 2,000 women were asked, “What male name is most synonymous with cheating?” The answer was “Wayne”. Now, this is a pretty far-fetched idea but isn’t it strange how many women agreed on this topic.

So, just to be safe, maybe you should keep one eye open when dating Wayne, Dwayne or other alterations of this male name.

8. Mood indicators

There’s no real surprise here. Any type of negative, psychotic, or neurotic mindset is more prone to infidelity. There are various reasons for this, mainly because of the lack of mental stability which translates to lack of stability in relationships as well.

The narcissist is one of the personalities known to be associated with lack of faithfulness, as many narcissistic relationships have ended because of lack of loyalty and self-centeredness.

9. Tall guys

Not sure why, but studies show that men who are 5.10 or taller are more likely to cheat on their partners. Again, I cannot say why this is true, but the surveys have the numbers on this one.

10. Genetics

Although this cannot be determined to be 100% true, I think there’s something substantial about this sign of cheating. I do believe, not only according to the studies but also personally, that infidelity is genetic.

Let’s just say I’ve been the victim of this and also knew the perpetrator’s father. It’s eerie. Studies say that similarities in dopamine receptors could, in fact, indicate a genetic inclination towards cheating.

Will you or won’t you?

These indicators are interesting, no doubt, but the only way to try for loyalty in your relationship is to be the best possible mate you can be, and hope your partner tries just as hard.

Being faithful, in my opinion, is something that takes devotion and will-power. If you want to love only one person, you can. It just takes work. After all, whoever said that relationships were easy?


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  1. Tiffany

    This is an interesting article, though we can’t generally tell if someone might cheat in the future. I believe people who stray have issues with themselves or their relationship and cheating is just a way to fill the void.

    1. Panagiotis K.

      hi Tiffany, I have to agree with you. People change through the years. You will never be sure about your other half I guess. Yeah, maybe they are trying to fill the gap in their relationship with new people. Maybe they haven’t realized they are not so happy in their relationship. Moving on sometimes is the only way.

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