In our world today, it’s impossible to survive without having a source of income. But what if I told you that getting fired is not always something bad?

Accessing the essentials and luxuries of life heavily depends on your ability to acquire (buy) them. For a number of individuals, being employed is the best way for them to get income.

Well, people are different, some individuals thrive better as entrepreneurs while others are better off as employees.

The thought of losing a job is quite frightening, and quite frankly, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’ve lost your job and are probably wondering what next, you need to take a pause and analyze the situation more critically and get different perspectives.

It may appear as though losing your job is the end of you and you’re definitely doomed. But no! Getting the boot may just be what you need to grow bigger. It is a blessing in disguise only if you decided to make the best out of the situation. Here’s why;

Growing to the Next Stage of Your Life

As humans, we tend to seek comfort, and once we attain it we forget that we can get more. Resistance to change as a result of fear of the unknown is a reason why many people tend to get “stuck in life”. Yes, it’s scary having to venture into the unknown, but at times, it’s what you need to graduate to the next stage of your life.

Getting fired is a good way of telling you that it’s time to move on. It may seem like a curse, but it really isn’t. You may have had your fears in making the step yourself, and being fired makes it easy for you.

Being successful as an individual isn’t just about the wealth but also about how you’ve grown as a person – the goals that you’ve pursued and conquered. Remember that you’ not and will not be the last person to get fired, people get fired on a daily basis.

And a lot of them are doing great, even better than they were before. It’s all about how we choose to deal with the situation. Therefore, take being fired as a wake-up call to move on to other ventures in life.

Learning from Mistakes

No single person is perfect. We all at some point in life have made the wrong choices, but what really counts isn’t the mistakes, but rather the lessons we learned from them. We all desire to be successful and it’s good to celebrate our successes.

More importantly, what really helps us grow in life is being able to learn and grow from our mistakes.

We may get fired for a variety of reasons. At times, it’s because of our own doing but in some instances, it’s for reasons beyond our control. No matter the reasons, there’s a lesson to be learned. Let’s say you got fired because of tardiness, then it means that you’ll be more punctual when you secure the next job.

What if you got fired because the company shut down or there was some downsizing, and your entire department was forced out of employment? It can be quite unfortunate, but at the end of the day, you realize the importance of being able to get a job in a company or business that can withstand both the highs and lows of the business world.

Getting fired is definitely ugly, but not too ugly for you to learn one or two things that can help you be a better you for the next job.

A Time to Reconsider Some of Your Career Choices

Getting your dream job is the ultimate goal for most people. This is almost always a guarantee of a successful life both personally and professionally. We all seek satisfaction in life – it’s what makes us happy. Landing your dream job is one such satisfaction.

However, things aren’t always as they seem. Your dream job may abruptly come to an end. You get fired, so what next? This is a good period for you to try out new things.

Your dream job may just change. We get to experiment with different things when we’re out of work. Remember, being fired doesn’t mean your responsibilities cease to exist. Being able to survive will mean that you’ll try out almost anything and everything that comes your way.

It is in this process that your dream job may turn out to be something totally different and you’ll probably be so good at it than you were in your previous “dream job”.

What gives you satisfaction now may change to something else in the future depending on the situation that you’re in. The valuable thing is for you to embrace the change. Getting fired may mean the end of your dream job, but only if you let it be so.

Being Diverse

In life, pretty much a lot of things are not guaranteed unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, which at times can also not give the desired guarantee. It is with this perspective that a growing number of people are becoming more and more diverse.

That job you’re heavily relying on may not be there tomorrow. So, what steps does one take to create a fall-back plan when one path fails? Getting fired for the first time may be a challenge, especially if you didn’t make a plan B or even a plan C. You can never be too sure!

It will be a great blessing to be fired because you learn the most important thing. Nothing is a guarantee. Your job may give a sense of security, but then it is a false sense of security. What you need is to diversify – have more than one source of income. Getting sacked helps you realize this quickly.

Take Stock of Your Life

We tend to get too indulged in our work that we forget to take a break. Getting a good vacation is an excellent way of doing so. For you to operate at your ultimate capacity, both physical and mental breaks are needed.

Getting fired is a chance for you to take a mental break and an opportunity to re-evaluate the strides that you’ve made so far – taking stock of your life.

At times, we find ourselves too involved in activities that add no value to us or have ceased to be of benefit. Getting fired is an opportunity to re-evaluate and identify the path that works well for you.

Taking stock is the only time we get to have a look at how our lives are and what gives us satisfaction. And, getting fired shouldn’t be the only time to take stock, do so regularly! It can help with not getting the boot in the first place.

An Opportunity to Try Out New Things

Waking up one morning and quitting your job to pursue a personal ambition is a big step, and one that most individuals rarely do unless with a little nudge. The uncertainties that come with doing it alone are just too many. Therefore, most of us never get to realize them.

However, with a little nudge, we have no option but to work towards them.

Getting fired is one such nudge. It gives you the courage and it’s a great opportunity to explore new things such as pursuing personal ambitions, thus a blessing. Giving it a try is better than never trying at all.

The questions of what it may have been like will be answered and you may be more successful than you had even anticipated.

Building Personality

Our conduct as individuals is pertinent to our survival in this rather tough and competitive world. You need strength and lots of it to be able to counter challenges. This doesn’t come easy! You need people around you to be successful and your character is crucial at this point.

Getting fired is not easy, but how you handle the situation will either break or make you. You get to build your character in such tough situations. Turning the challenges into positives is a trait that most employers look for in potential recruits.

The discipline and motivation to graduate from viewing your termination as a failure and the end of the world to a blessing and an opportunity to pursue other things are important character traits. A good character helps with building a great personality.

It’s For a Purpose

Things don’t just happen. If you keenly looked at things around you, there’s always a purpose behind all things. Nothing happens just like that. Losing your job may appear to be a fall, but it secretly is a fresh opportunity for you.

It may not immediately seem that way but in the end, it has a purpose and probably one to help you grow.

Though some people don’t believe in divine intervention, if you do, then getting fired could be an act of divine intervention. How? It may be to save you from a job that wasn’t right for you or may have been a hindrance to your success.

Nothing is coincidental in life and nothing happens without reason – you may have heard of the law of cause and effect. Therefore, you not having your job is for a purpose, you just have to figure out what it is.


Our lives are so pegged on our jobs. We really don’t have the luxury of seeking other alternatives and in some cases, we end up losing the job. For some, it may be the end of a happy life but for others, it may be the beginning of even more joy.

It all depends on our outlook on life. That job that you feel was the only one for you may end up being the entirely wrong job for you.

Your employment termination is a blessing and a chance to try out new things. Your job shouldn’t define you such that without it you’re a nobody. Moving on to the next chapter of your life is more satisfactory than living within your comfort zone.

Daring to pursue challenging tasks builds you. If you’ve gotten the boot, don’t play the victim! Instead, rise from the ashes and be the success you truly are!

Share with us some of your getting fired experiences and how it enabled you to move on to greater things in life. We grow when we help each other out.

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