An Ugly Truth of Modern Dating No One Talks Αbout

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It’s hard to say objectively that modern dating is worse than dating in the past, however, it’s entirely legitimate to say that modern dating is more complicated. I came across a statement in an article I read recently and it really hit home; “The person who cares less has all the power”. This sentence describes something I see in many of my friend’s relationships as well as my own. In

4 Science-Backed Reasons Why Quitting Social Media Equals Happiness

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Quitting social media can make you happier, a recent study suggests. No one needs to remind you that social media can be destructive unless you use it wisely. However, you may not realize that your unconscious bad habits when using it are damaging. They may lead you to have an unhealthy involvement with it. Research suggests that social media makes people too dependent on the internet. Studies and surveys also

Make Money Online with These 5 Activities

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In order to make money online, you just have to be decisive, patient and spend time to build your reputation. This arbitrary and rather abstract term that we use on a daily basis, known as the Internet, could actually help us increase our monthly and annual income for a buck or two. Having been a member of this community for a long time, I concluded one thing for certain –

The Plan To Kill The Internet Uncovered: 10 Ways Web Freedom Is Being Butchered Worldwide

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The Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool of individual freedom since the Gutenberg’s press. Affording billions of people worldwide not only the tool of instant communication, but access to a wealth of liberating information. Freedom from the chains of received consensus, and the opportunity to become their own media platform. This represents an ever increasing threat to the status quo of the elite, which is why the establishment

How Will the World Change by 2025?

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Having analyzed huge volumes of data regarding the scientific studies and patent applications, the company Thomson Reuters, a child agency of Reuters, came up with a list of ten innovations that promise that promise a dramatic world change by 2025. Intellectual Property and Science Department of the company initially identified ten areas of scientific research which are most often referred to in the scientific literature. This information was combined

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