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11 Things Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know about the Food You Eat

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Have you ever wondered how the food you eat is really made and how unhealthy manufactured or processed food really is? Well, we know now, all thanks to refreshingly honest insiders about the production of food, here's what they revealed.. 1. There is a safety threshold. All food ingredients and nutrients have a limit. Too much of one thing can be bad for you, especially if it's a bad thing. If

9 Not-So-Safe “Healthy” Foods You Should Avoid

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Some foods have been promoted as “healthy” when they’re exactly the opposite. Clean Plates founder Jared Koch shared nine examples. Here’s an expansion on his observations: 1. Canned Tomatoes Many canned foods contain BPA, a toxic chemical linked to reproductive and neurological abnormalities, such as breast and prostate cancers, diabetes and heart disease. High acidity in tomatoes causes BPA to leach into your food. Consumer Reports’ testing noted that only a few servings

Top 10 Unhealthiest New Fast Food Meals

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Summer brings all sorts of seasonal joys: great weather, summer fruits, blockbuster movies, vacations, and new offerings by our nation’s most popular eating establishments. No one likes the same old thing all the time and fast food venues are always coming up with new and exciting ways of bringing you in. Here are some of this season’s best unhealthiest new meals you can get at your friendly neighborhood fast food

Horrible Truths about Fast Food

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Fast food has an extremely bad reputation, wouldn't you think? But the truth is, you don't know the half of it! I spent much of my young adulthood eating fast foods. I wasn’t cooking much home prepared food because I was busy going to parties and hanging out with friends. Little did I know,  I was endangering my body and mind. Even when my health wasn't at risk, I was

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