How to Grow Avocado Tree from Pit for an Endless Supply of Organic Avocados

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Would you like to grow avocado tree from pit and have your own delicious, organic avocados in your garden? How many times have you tried planting an avocado seed with no results at all? You might have been doing it the wrong way all this time. Don’t give up yet, keeping in mind the pack of benefits that avocados come with. It is no doubt that it is one

Some More Reasons to Eat Avocados Every Day

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How many of you only associate the avo (as the Australians say) with guacamole? Ever eaten one on its own…yes, I mean without Mexican food…like you would a pear? No? Then you should! They are a fantastic source of nutrients and minerals, they taste amazing and you can smother them on your face in the name of beauty. Need some more convincing? The avocado is natures little miracle berry. It

How To Grow An Avocado Tree for Endless Organic Avocados

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to growing your own avocado tree. Avocados are highly nutritious and flavored, whether we’re talking about salad, guacamole, or straight up! They are a key staple for a nutritious and delicious diet. Try growing an avocado tree at home if you don’t like making regular trips to the grocery store for your daily supply of fresh avocados, can’t find organic ones, or are fed up with spending

Top 5 Ingredients to Make Perfect Summer Smoothies

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Smoothies are one of the newest trends in healthy eating. It is not hard to see why people like these drinks. Smoothies make a great meal on the go. If a person does not have the time to sit down and have a proper breakfast, a smoothie is enough to get them through to lunch. Smoothies are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. In the summer, a smoothie is great

Foods That Look Like Body Parts They’re Good For

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Learn how you can stay healthy by noshing on 10 anatomically shaped eats Every child has heard the healthy-eating mantra "You are what you eat." But there may be a closer resemblance between good-for-you grub and your body than you thought. We found 10 foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for—for example, brain-boosting walnuts actually look like a brain. Coincidence? Maybe. Though these healthy foods are beneficial

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