Different eyeglasses fit different types of face shapes. How to find your type to make sure you choose the best pair of glasses?

Eyeglasses have evolved far from their rather basic and bulky design in decades past. Today, there are thousands of options for patients who need glasses for enhanced vision. You can find them in just about any shape, color, and size you can think of. As there are so many options to choose from, it can make finding the right pair frustrating. Factors that help narrow down a search include the types of face shapes, hair color, eye color, personality, and style.

The internet is a great platform when shopping for glasses. You can look at all the eyeglasses from various providers and select the brand that best suits you and your budget.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you check out eyewear.

6 Types of Face Shapes and Eyeglasses That Fit Each

The better the glasses fit on your face, the better they look. The most common factor used to make a decision is the face shape.

The below miniguide to the different types of face shapes will help you determine yours:

  • Round– the length and width of your head are evenly proportioned. Your face is the shape of a circle with smooth curves. To help elongate your face, square-shaped frames are recommended.
  • Oval– your head is circular but has more of an oval appearance. Your face shape makes it possible for you to wear just about any frame and look great.
  • Square– if you have prominent jawbones, strong cheekbones, and wide eyebrows you have a square face. Aviator, round frames, and oval frames are best.
  • Oblong– your face has more length than width. Rectangle, triangle and circular frames would fit your face well.
  • Heart– you have a wide forehead and narrow chin. Your face would best be served with geometric or round frames.
  • Upside down triangle– your forehead is thin and your chin is wide. You might consider trying a cat-eye, circle, or geometric-shaped frames.

Frame Color

If you don’t intend on purchasing several pairs of eyeglasses, it may be best for you to purchase frame colors that are neutral and can be worn with a lot of things.

They also blend well with any skin tone, eye, or hair color. Tortoise, black, brown, navy, and gray are your best options. If you’re willing to experiment a bit you can choose colors that match your wardrobe or select a color that will accentuate your eyes.

Blue eyes, for example, would look great in a pair of orange, blue, or tortoise glasses. Green eyes look great in earth tones like tans, greens, and browns. While people with brown eyes can get away with just about any color.

You can also select frame colors based on the color of your hair. Black hair pairs best with darker colored glasses, white or grey hair can experiment with all colors, redheads should go a bit bolder, and brunettes look best in neutral frame colors like tortoiseshell, black, navy, and gray.

Personality and Style - Types of Face Shapes

Personality and Style

Your personal style will matter a great deal when choosing glasses. Ask yourself a few questions to determine which eyeglasses might be best for you:

  • Purpose-When will you primarily be wearing the glasses? Do you need them for everyday wear or are you planning on wearing them on special occasions and when you’re out having fun?
  • Personal Style-What does your wardrobe look like? Do you wear more neutral colors or is your closet more vibrant? Do you have a spunky style or are you more casual?
  • Personality– Are you more of the bold and daring type or do you tend to be more laid back and behind the scenes?
  • Lifestyle– Are you active and always on the go? Are you a workaholic? Or maybe you are a socialite who’s always at the latest event? Or a busy mom?

By answering each of these questions, you can get a better determination on which glasses better fit your personality and style.

If you’re a laid back person who spends most of their time working and their days off at home with the family, for instance, you may prefer traditional frames with neutral colors.

If you’re the outgoing, active, party-goer who loves to be the center of attention, you’d experiment more with bolder colors and varying frame shapes.

Final Thoughts

Wearing eyeglasses does not have to be the embarrassment it used to bewhen you were growing up. There are so many styles, shapes, and brands of prescription glasses out there that you can find some for any occasion that suit you.

As you have seen from the above, the types of face shapes, hair color, eye color, personality, and style play a huge rule when trying to find the right pair of glasses.

Remember to keep these factors in mind when shopping and you’re sure to find eyewear that makes you look and feel great.

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