In fact, used tea bags can serve as very helpful tools in life.

It is a known consensus that tea is good for your health, my health and everyone else’s health as well. But all jokes aside, tea has more healthy aspects that can be contained within a small tea bag.

Not only for your health, but also for your overall self-esteem.

Take a look at these interesting ideas that will help you understand the magnitude of tea and its magical properties.

1. Let’s be clear

Used tea bags, as unsightly as they may seem, can be great tools for acne prone teenagers. Acne, which is, basically, excess sebum production, can be cleared away with the compression of a used tea bag, preferably green tea leftovers.

The green tea bag acts as a cleanser and wipes away the excess natural moisturizer (sebum) thus giving your skin a new and clean appearance. This greatly reduces the chances of acne in teens.

2. Mouth Sores

Used tea bags work wonders by acting as an antiseptic for cuts, abrasions or blisters inside the mouth. The antioxidant properties of the tea just cannot abide with the germs from cuts and the like. Mouth sores say goodbye, tea bags need all the room they can get to clean out that filthy mouth.

3. Taking the Red out

If you find yourself stressing over red-eye, then calm down. It is a simple fact that used tea bags are great for getting rid of the old red eye. All it takes is a cold tea bag, pressed against the eye for up to 2 minutes, and voila! You will have new, fresh and clear eyes!

4. Keeping it Clean

Used tea bags serve well as cleaning tools. Use them to scrub mirrors, tables and other objects that have a drab appearance. You may be surprised at how well these tools do the job for you. Forget the rags and sponges, tea bags are the way to go!

5. Marinades

If you have problems with dry, tough meat when cooking, then you will need to try a used tea bag. Used tea bags work quite well as a marinade tool. Not only do they soften the meat, but they also add a rich and yummy aroma as well.

6. Burned!

Used tea bags, placed directly on the problematic area, can relieve burns. This works mainly for sunburn victims, and black tea seems to be the most successful form of tea bag relief.

7. Freshen up

If you have ever been a victim of musty clothing or smelly shoes, then you probably look tirelessly for a solution to this problem. Well, look no further, tea bags are the best fix. To freshen closets, hang used tea bags in the corner. For smelly shoes, place a used tea bag in the sole and remove before wear.

8. Bring New Life!

A most interesting way to use tea bags is to bring new life into the world, seriously! For garden lovers who are always on the look-out for ways to enhance the garden soil, there is finally an additional perk.

You can use the tea bags directly with the composted soil or steep them and water the plants with the serum. Tea is known to ward off root maggots and enhance the soil.

If you love tea — black, green, white or herbal — you will also surely love the various uses for used tea bags.

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Tea Solutions!

Before trying these tips, make sure you know what sort of tea you are dealing with you will need to invest in toxin-free tea.

There are two basic types of toxin-free tea to choose from: organic tea and conventional versions. Each type of tea works differently and you will have to know what additives will work for and against you in your quest to improve life.

  • Bagged Organic teas: Numi Tea, Rishi Tea, Eden Organic, Organic Stash, Choice Organic Teas, Two Leaves, Organic Tazo, Choice Traditional Medicinals, Organic Yogi Teas.
  • Bagged Conventional Tea: Tetley Black and Green Tea, Loose Organic Tea, Teanzo 1856, California Tea House, Upton Tea Imports.


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  1. Sandra Blue

    If you put them in your vacuum cleaner they kills dust mites too. so I’ve heard.

  2. Margaret Galea

    It’s good for styes. Always use it when I feel one is coming, and your eyes feel refreshed.

  3. Jennifer Dmytrenko Nguyen

    Brewed tea also works great on babies instead of using diaper cream! It’s cheaper and using it regularly for diaper changes keeps diaper rash away! Also works for heat rash!

  4. Karen Phillips

    I knew about if your eyes were swollen or puffy you put frozen ones on your eyes till the bag softens. Feels great for tired eyes too.

  5. Mike Sun

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring. Keep on writting Sherrie! 🙂

  6. Melissa Whitaker

    Thia is great now I don’t have to throw away my used tea bags now..Thank you for sharing…

  7. Laura Lopiccolo

    Great for sunburn as previously mentioned! I had a bad facial sunburn while in Florida a couple of years ago ( Long story) I soaked wash clothes in tea and placed over my face all night. ( not much sleep) but the next day you would have never known I was burned! AND.. my face never peeled! 🙂

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