Doing some jobs from this home maintenance checklist in summer will help you avoid possible issues and costly repairs in winter.

Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and the seemingly endless winter is now well and truly behind us.

It might sound crazy to be preparing for next winter already, but the truth is that now is the time to think about what needs doing around the house while the weather is nice.

After all, the weeks will slip by, and contractors will soon be getting booked up for the summer.

Here is a home maintenance checklist with five chores to get done while the sun is shining.

Get out the paint

Spring is the perfect time to check all your painted surfaces. The endless cycle of sun, rain, frost and wind takes its toll, so check for any peeling or bubbling now.

Deal with any minor defects by rubbing down, priming and painting, and you could save yourself a major repaint job later on. You will also be prolonging the life of your doors, window frames, and other woodwork.

Windows and doors

While you are looking at the windows and doors, check for any problems around the frames. If you can see any gaps, get out the sealant and deal with them now. Make sure you use the right kind of silicone sealant for a seal that is weatherproof and flexible.

Check your heating system

We all know that boilers and heating systems choose the most inconvenient moment to break down and give you problems. 10 PM on Christmas Eve must be the busiest time for emergency boiler repair teams, and they certainly know how to charge for it.

Get your system checked while the weather is good, and if you use an oil-powered system, don’t forget to get the tank checked too. Some companies can provide a full assessment, maintenance, repair and replacement service, so call them in now and be sure that if there are any issues, they can be put right with minimal inconvenience.

Who’s that on the roof?

If there is anything worse than the heating system breaking down on Christmas Eve, it is a leak suddenly appearing in your ceiling. Your roof can take some real punishment over winter, so now is the time to check all is well.

Have yours inspected for loose or missing slates and tiles? They might not look like a problem, but as well as leading to leaks, they can provide tempting access to nesting birds, leading to all sorts of additional complications in your roof space.

If you have a flat roof, for example over an extension or garage, check for damaged shingles or loose flashing. These are problems that can be solved quickly and easily during the summer but can be a real nightmare in bad weather.

Check the gutters

Before your willing volunteer climbs down from the roof, get him or her to take a look at the gutters. Leaves and detritus can build up in no time, and left unchecked, will lead to water pouring over the edge of the gutter onto unwary heads below.

What are you waiting for? Use this home maintenance checklist while the weather is nice to prepare your house for the cold season.

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