Satellite Shelter: A Sleeping Bag That Transforms into a Tent Could Provide Refuge to the Homeless

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This Satellite Shelter Provides a Really Good Solution for the Homeless of the World. The world is a frightening place, wouldn’t you agree? But have hope, there could possibly be a bit of humanity left. One of the areas where we still see that spark of goodness is on the streets. Yep, you heard it right. In the same places where heinous crimes frequent, we see the seeds of

4 Cheap Yet Effective Ways to Winterize Your Home

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Winterizing your home is a good way to avoid damage, stay comfortable, and keep your utility bills affordable. If you're looking for cheap, effective ways to winterize your home this year, start with these four tips. 1. Use a Hose Bib Cover on Your Outdoor Faucet Hose bibs are thick pieces of foam that fit over your outdoor faucets. They come with easy installation and are also inexpensive. You can

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