Delicious Turmeric Smoothie Recipe Packed with Powerful Antioxidants

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People often drink nutrient-rich smoothies as a substitute for meals when they are dieting or trying to lose weight. It's a great way to get your daily vitamins and nutrients, and with this recipe of turmeric smoothie, you can now get even more goodness in just one drink. The great thing about smoothies is that once you have your ingredients they are super easy to put together – all you need is a blender. You will know exactly what goes into your daily smoothie and

Top 5 Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used

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When you get very ill, maybe with the flu or an infection, you may get to the point where you feel you have run out of options and have to head to your local doctor for an expected prescription of a week-long course of antibiotics. Well, these days you may find your doctor refuses to give them to you. Medically, we are now at the point where we have been over-using antibiotics for several years. As a result, drug-resistant bacteria and superbugs are rapidly developing. It's

Black Pepper and Turmeric: the Benefits of This Powerful Combination

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If spices were celebrities, then black pepper and turmeric would be Brangelina. These two spices are fantastic on their own for your body and general health, but they are also brilliant when you combine them. Black pepper comes from the pepper plant, which is found in hot and humid countries. The plants take three to four years to flower, berries then develop which are known as peppercorns. Peppercorns when ground are what we call pepper. Black pepper makes food taste great. But it’s also doing

How to Get Flawless Skin at Home with These Five Natural Remedies

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The television is flooded with adverts for chemical solutions to the never-ending problem of achieving flawless skin. We watch in adoration at whichever celebrity has been chosen to represent the brand, and believe in the solution, even if it costs $50... But no more, it's time to stop believing in these expensive solutions for flawless skin and get back to basics with your skin. What causes unhealthy skin? There are a number of factors that can contribute to unhealthy skin, including stress, lack of sleep,

Thunder God Vine: This Chinese Plant Is Found to Kill Cancer in 40 Days

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There is some great news for cancer patients as a little-known Chinese plant called thunder god vine has been now found to be a potential cancer killer. The plant has been discovered to harbor a chemical compound that effectively destroys tumors in mice suffering from pancreatic cancer. It might have a bizarre name - thunder god vine or lei gong teng - but the plant should not be underestimated given that it has been used in Chinese medicine before mainly to treat arthritis. The plant has surprised many, including

11 Most Powerful Food Combinations for Your Health

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Have you ever wonder why you are using certain food combinations? I bet you never paid attention to the fact that orange juice tastes wonderful with a bowl of oatmeal, or a salad put together with fresh greens and ripe tomatoes are exactly what you are craving. Powerful food combinations There is a reason why we love these interesting combos. In fact, there isn’t as much thinking to this conclusion as basic knowledge derived from the body itself. Yes, your body is telling you what

Turmeric: Versatile Spice With an Added Health Bonus

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One of India’s most important spices, turmeric can do as much for your health as it can for your taste buds. Here are some ideas for ways in which this bright yellow spice can pep up all kinds of humdrum dishes while bringing you some very significant health benefits at the same time. An underrated additive You probably think turmeric, a pivotal spice in Indian cooking, is not something you have in your spice cupboard.  Think again!  You’ve probably got a venerable package of curry

Eat These 2 Foods if You Want to Destroy Your Liver

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Keeping your liver in optimal health is absolutely essential to your overall well-being. This is because the liver is the organ primarily responsible for cleansing our bodies of any toxins that may enter. Thus, a healthy liver is important for the proper functioning of our other systems as well; if any of our organs are rife with toxins, they cannot operate as they should. In the Western world, we tend to put a lot of stress on our liver with the vast amounts of unhealthy foods